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Enroll For BB&T Online Banking Account

Do you bank with BB & T? If yes, do you know that the bank has an Online banking account for its customers? You as a customer can access it and enjoy some benefits. In case you don’t know about the firm, let me tell you about it. did know how to Enroll For a BB&T Online Banking Account? if no, is your answer, we got you covered.

BB&T is a United States-based financial institution that provides financial products and services to customers. Her customer care service is top-notch and this bank has been doing well since its inception in 1872. Her services include; a lot of banking accounts and management solutions, wealth & trust, and insurance.

Even in recent times, this bank still has a sound financial position in the market of capitalization and assets. The most interesting aspect of banking here is online banking. Each account holder will enjoy this service as it has lots of benefits. keep reading, I am going to teach you how to Enroll In BB&T Online Banking Account.

BB&T Online Banking

Benefits of an online account

  • Easy access to one’s account. Customers can check their balance and monitor their accounts.
  • You can easily make payments or shop online from any location you are.
  • Customers can do transfers and other online banking transactions.

However, you must register for an online account before you can enjoy the benefits above.

How to register for an online account

  • Go to and access the main page with your web browser.
  • On the main page, click on the tab “Online banking”.
  • In the next section, enroll your username and password and sign in. However, if you have not enrolled, then click on Enroll Now.
  • Supply all your personal details necessary.
  • Now, choose your product type through the radio button. A form will open on the same page. Enroll all necessary information in the appropriate fields and click to continue.

Moreover, you can enjoy this online banking with a mobile app. You can download it on your Android or Apple device. Just install the app and start enjoying mobile banking. You can do this anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my BBT balance?

You can call the customer care service to check your balance any time by visiting their cardholder service site (opens in a new tab) or by calling 866-594-2076.

Is BB&T now into Online Banking?

Yes! You can download the new mobile app for your devices. It has a lot of enhanced features to help you manage your finances.

How do I pay my BB&T Mortgage Online?

Take the steps below to pay your mortgage online

  • Log in at and access the Loan Servicing Center.
  • You can as well use the automated phone – Call 800-295-5744.
  • While on the call, click 1 for mortgage loan information.
  • Click 2 for payoff information.

However, you can pay over the Phone – just contact customer service at › lending › mortgage › manage-your-mortgage.

How do I reset my BBT password?

In case you forget your CashManager Online password, you can reset it. Take the steps below:

Choose Reset Password at the log-on screen.

Enroll your customer ID, user ID, and token code. Choose Submit.

You will get an email from BB&T with a one-time code.

Go back to the Cash Manager Online logon screen and log on using the one-time code.

I hope you got value. I am sure you have mastered how to Enroll In BB&T Online Banking Account. Please keep your questions in the comments section.

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