eBay Account | How to Create eBay Account

Every business deserves a platform that will increase awareness of products and enhance sales. And eBay account is what every seller should have. The eBay site is free for buyers but sellers are charged fees for listing items after a limited number of free listing and again when those items are sold. Create aBay account now and experience the super way to sell online. Just follow the steps below to create your eBay account;

eBay Account

How to Create eBay Account

  • Go to the home page of eBay
  • Click on the “Register link” in the top left of the page
  • Click on a “register” to begin the account setup processes.
  • Enter your information on the next page such as: First Name,
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Create Your password
  • Confirm password
  • Agree to the user Agreement and privacy policy by clicking on “Submit” button
  • Scroll down and click on “Submit”  button
  • Receive your pre-select User ID
  • Start  Using eBay

eBay Account Offers

  • Selling Manager- This is a super eBay software that replaced all your selling page.
  • Free picture pack – it helps to zoom pictures per listing at no extra charge
  • Discounted Fixed-price insertion fee
  • Fifteen custom pages
  • Web address – your store has its very own Internet address (URL) this way user can drive buyers directly to their store.
  • Promotion boxes-  with this users can highlight features merchandise at the top of your store pages.
  • Three hundred store categories
  • Custom store header – users get their own brand by designing a graphic store header
  • Markdown Manager – this enables users to hold sale in their store, select items to discount for a period of time and offer discounted pricing.
  • Vacation hold- this feature allow user to make listing temporarily unavailable to customers when users are out of town

Off – eBay  email marketing

  • Listing  feeds- eBay distribute listings automatically to buyers, search engines and comparison -shopping sites via online feeds
  • Downloadable promotional flyers – eBay offers predesigned downloadable templates for store owners to use in their store set up, just print them on your color printer.
  • search engine keyword management – User may customizer search engine keywords in Manage My store to improve your store’s page ranking in the search engines to which eBay feeds.
  • Traffic reports – use eBay store traffic report to improve your merchandising and listing strategies

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