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Join Baskin Robins Guest Satisfaction Survey

Do you frequently visit Baskin Robins as a customer? If yes, do you enjoy their customer service? Even if you have been enjoying their top-notch customer service, the firm still believes that there’s room for improvement. The only way to know this is by conducting a feedback survey with recent customers. Don’t you agree with me?Baskin Robins

The fact is that only customers can tell you about their experience. From their experiences, the firm will know areas they need to work on. This helps customers to talk about the product and service standards. This survey is not only for frequent customers,  first time customers can participate too. This helps the firm to get maximum feedback from its customers and then improve the overall service standards.

Also, the survey is online and each participant goes home with a price. Basking Robin values the time of her customers. That’s why there’s a reward for participants. It’s also a way of ensuring customer satisfaction.

Enjoy The Redemption Code

The reward is free food from the Baskin-Robins. Each participant gets a redemption code on completing this online survey. You will be served free food by the company. Interestingly, this takes about 5 minutes only to complete. The questions are simple. You only have to answer questions on how you were attended to in the restaurant recently. That’s all. In the end, you submit your answers.

However, before participating, ensure that you have handy, your last receipt from Basking. You will be using the details on it to fill out the survey form.

How to Start Baskin Robbins Guest Satisfaction Survey

Use any device available to you. It can be a phone, tablet, or PC. With any browser of your choice, go to Customers can take this survey in three languages. Choose your preferred one and start.

On this page, you can see 4 blank boxes. Fill up those boxes with the 18-digit survey code. The survey code is printed on your purchase receipt. Once you enroll in the code, click on the “Start” button.

Proceed to answer all the questions to share your feedback and complete this survey.

Lastly, you will get the redemption code. However, there are a few coupon restrictions that you can see by clicking the “Coupon Restrictions” link available at the bottom of the survey page.

With the code given to you, you can enjoy a free meal on your next visit to Baskin.

I hope you got value. In case you have questions, please keep them in the comments section. I will answer all.