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Register At VS Credit Card to Avail Exclusive Benefits – Login

Are you a VS customer? If yes, have you gotten the VS credit card? With the Victoria Angel Credit Card, you don’t need to use cash for shopping at all. Just use your credit card and shop at any of their locations.

VS Credit Card


Just take your card to any VS point of sale and swipe it for shopping purposes. See, this card has a lot of rewards as it is a rewards credit card.

As customers accumulate rewards, they can redeem them anytime they want. Customers who have gotten different points, can swipe their cards once at least a year in order to remain activated in their accumulated points.

However, note that getting this card is not enough. Once you get it, you must register and activate it in order to enjoy the benefits.

How to Register Your Victoria Angel Credit Card

Take the steps below to register your VS credit card:

Start by going to the official page of VS Credit Card with the help of an internet connection. You can use any device for this.

Once you reach the website, go down the page to the bottom and click on “Your Account.”

On the next page, click on the icon for “Create an Account” and get access to the details you need to enroll.

These details include your full name as it is on the cards, the last 4 digits of your SSN, your date of birth, zip code and state, and your email address.

Ensure that all your details are accurate. After that, create your login details (user ID and password).

Lastly, click on the “Submit” button to complete the registration process. Now you can access your online account.

How to Login to Your VS Credit Card Online Account

Go to the website above. Click on the login button. Enter your user ID and password. That’s all; you are now in your online account.

Benefits of having an online account

  • Firstly, easy access to online information from the website
  • Customers can easily redeem their points after requesting them.
  • Also, easy payment for online shopping and credit card payments without additional charge
  • Again, customers easily have access to their accounts and manage them.
  • Lastly, having an online account helps you get a paperless billing statement.

I hope you have value. If you have questions, tell us in the comments section.