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Facebook Advertising | How to Advertise on Facebook

Make your Facebook generate money for you. Cash into Facebook advertising to promote and sell goods, services, and brands on your Facebook page. Catch the fun and catch money too on your Facebook platform.

Expose your products to millions of users online who log into Facebook daily. Entrepreneurs, marketers and company owners frantically search for ways to make their online business presence felt, in order to better engage, and ultimately grow their brand and products.

Facebook Advertising

Importance of Facebook Advertising

  • Facebook Ads, plays a major role in your sales volume on the Facebook platform. It’s importance, cannot be overemphasized, as it puts your company, brand or personal profile on the spotlight exposing it to global recognition and accessibility.
  • Facebook ads, cuts across any budget, and targets its audience, using demographics, behaviors or contact info, to get their attention on ad formats that are captivating, and flexible and works on every device and connection speed.

Perks of Facebook Advertising

  • Facebook Ads, builds your business, by targeting ads to people depending on how they engage, and when they engage, to create an experience that is important to where they are in the process of inspecting products and making a purchase.
  • With about 96% of social media marketers, engaging on Facebook, it goes to show that, Facebook is seen as one of the most effective marketing platforms. On this note, Facebook marketers actively engage in Facebook ads, as a single Facebook ad campaign, can trigger more leads and increase their company’s revenue.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  • Facebook ads, gives you high sales volume in return for your money’s worth
  • Billions of user’s, engage every day on the Facebook platform, thus with Facebook ads, your business stands a chance of been seen by millions of users globally
  • It gives tangible results
  • Smaller companies can compete with their much bigger competitors on the Facebook platform.
  • Facebook ads cuts across all budgets, so no matter what your budget is, you can get an ad that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Facebook, has the data of most of its user’s, with these data, Facebook can then serve them targeted ads that enable them to show them products that they are likely to buy, sites they may like, as well as events they are likely to attend, depending on their age, interest, and location.

Types of Facebook Advertising

Different types of Facebook ads exist for marketers to choose from and grow their brand and products. They are;

  • Dynamic Product Ads: This one of Facebook’s newest and most significant additions to the Facebook advertising platform. This ad, helps you can link your store’s product catalog with your Facebook advertising account and pixel.
  • Lead Generation Ads: With this category of Facebook advertising, you can easily collect email addresses and build email lists from your Facebook audience.
  • Abandoned Cart Ads: This ad, offers an incentive, such as free shipping or 10% off, to customers, if an individual return to complete his/her purchase.
  • Customer Thank you Ads: Through this ad, you can thank your customers for doing business with you. You must understand that without your customers, you won’t be in business.
  • Existing Customer New Products Ads: This ad enables you to announce a new product, which targets your existing customers.
  • To get more Facebook ads info, you can log onto the Facebook site, to get more advertising tips to help promote your brand.
  • Engage in Facebook advertising today, and take your brand and product to the next desired level.

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