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Facebook Ads Format | Types of Facebook Ads Format

Your goods and services can be seen by the whole world with Facebook Ads format. Facebook Ads format has an unlimited reach that cuts across the fabrics of society as the most popular social media platform for advertising.

Bring your ads to a platform where it is not only seen by all but lives with them with its engaging textual and audio-visual components. placing ads on FB is simple. It can be done by all. You don’t need to be a guru to get it done.

Facebook Ads Format
Facebook Ads Format | Types of Facebook Ads Format

While many advertisements on other media outfits are transient, Facebook Ads allows and waits for each to have a view without vanishing until it is seen. So, each time you come online you will always see those Facebook Ads pop-ups waiting for your attention. Cash into Facebook Ads and enjoy a global, large and diverse audience for your goods and services. Facebook Ads offers a wide range of ad formats with different advantages. It offers lots of targeting options and lots of choices to explore.

Facebook Ads Format Types

There are different types of Facebook Ads format, each has its unique features that enhance the audience focusing on your businesses. So, choose from the different Facebook Ads formats below to engage the world with your businesses;

Image Ads

The Facebook image Ads format combines photos and textual contents to create wholesome engaging ads. Image Ads has a great and high engagement for business (likes, comments, and shares). So, adding relevant images of your product or service can directly make the ad successful.

Video Ads

It is the use of videos to convey the ad message to a large amount Of audience. Video can be created directly from your page or with Facebook advertising tools, Ads manager or business manager.

Slideshow Ads

Slides show ad formats combine multiple images or videos, text and sound to gain the audience’s attention. It enhances high-quality ads without much expense or challenges of video production. Video formats appear on Facebook, and Instagram on smartphones, tablets, and computers just like a video.

Carousel Ads

The Carousel format allows you to showcase up to 10 images or videos within a single ad. The great news is that each with its own link. Carousel format can be used for Brand awareness, conversions, reach, store visits and traffic. Carousel format can be created from your page or event, Ads manager or the Ads API.

Collection Ads

Collection format allows people to interact with your ad and browse more products. They also learn more about a particular feature of a product, in fast-loading, full-screen experience, without leaving the Facebook app. It is an ideal ad for e-commerce advertising since it allows them to show multiple pieces of content with the main creative. It also allows you to combine video, slides shows or image with product images taken from a catalog.

Instant Experience

Instant experience can be Combine with all the Facebook ad formats. It is a mobile-only experience that can be used on iSO and Android. The format is optimized to showcase your products, highlight your brand or inspire mobile shopping. A custom instant experience can be created in Ads Manager, publishing tools section of your page or your page composer with the Ads API. This is as simple as said. Constant usage will help you master it.

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