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Facebook Targeting Demographics | The Right Way To Effectively Advertise On Facebook

Facebook Targeting Demographics – Do you want to advertise on Facebook the right way?

Have you recorded success on your previous Facebook ads?

Want to take a higher lip?

Facebook Targeting Demographics

Our focus in this post is to show you The Right Way To Effectively Advertise On Facebook, but before we take the bow above the hill if you’ve wondered how to advertise on Facebook the right way? Have recorded success on your previous Facebook ads but want to step it higher, then this post is for you.

First thing you need to know is that it’s not enough to know How To Create Facebook Ad Campaign but you must step it up a little bit by knowing how to create an effective ads that meet your business objective using Audiences Insights to put together your audience demographics to push your Facebook ads to the right audience.

To do that you must be familiar with some facebook ad rules and tips laid down by other successful Facebook marketers or advertisers.

These tips are things you should know even before creating your first Facebook ads campaign.

Here is the gist, an effective Facebook ad campaign isn’t created by just knowing how to navigate through some Facebook features, you must also know the features that best drive your marketing goal, how and when to use them.

To create an Effective Facebook Ads campaign using Facebook Targeting Demographics you will have to;

Focus Your Ads Targeting

Understand your audience using Facebook audience insights to target your ads.

Facebook has a feature called Audience Insights in the Ad Manager that helps you look up new potential or ideal customers by analyzing audience data gathered using the Audience Insights.

Narrow your ad or target by interest and behavior of people who had reacted to your page post or like your page before.

To use the audience Insights follow the below steps;

Step 1: Open Facebook and login into Ad Manager and click on Audience Insight.

Step 2: Choose an audience to start with by selecting people connected to your page.

Step 3: Your Audience Insights Appears; Your Demographics, Page Likes and Location. Scroll down the page till you get to a drop-down menu on the left side of the page bottom. At the field where it’s written “People Connected To” under it click the plus sign and select the name of your page.

Step 4: After your page is selected, a metrics with the bio-data of your audience age and gender distribution chat appears as well as page likes, educational level, job title relationship status, and lifestyle.

The final step is to make your choice of the audience using the data provided by Facebook audience insights. the choice of the audience might come as a new audience or an addition to your current audiences while refining your target audience to get more results and give your Facebook ads a focal point.


To make a meaningful impact and be more results driving. Always use what you know about your audience demographics to create targeted audiences for your Facebook ads campaigns.

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