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Facebook Ads Guide | 2 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes Advertisers Make And How To Avoid It

Facebook Ads Guide

Facebook Ads Guide – large numbers of advertisers especially those new to “Facebook for Business Platform” indulge in several Ad mistakes due to not having enough know-how or the right Facebook Ads Guide from advertising experts recorded over years of experience in the industry.

In this post, I am going to share with you a few Facebook ad mistakes advertisers make and how to either avoid or correct them.

Some of these mistakes can cost money, risk your business reputation and some in the long run will cost you time and days or weeks of effort without any significant result.

Facebook Ads Guide and the 2 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes and How to avoid it

It’s not totally bad to make mistakes as an advertiser, but you can reduce the rate and cost of your mistakes by learning how to avoid costly mistakes. Quickly here are two ads to avoid;

  1. Don’t Compress Multiple Interests In One Facebook Ad Set

A business colleague of mine once created a Facebook ad that delivered great results within the first 4 days the Ad was published but drastically went down on the 5th day.

The results kept decreasing as the day went on without any knowledge of what the reason was.

On a second note, I receive different comments from clients on several occasions, how successful their first Ad performed but don’t know how to repeat or duplicate such success.

The problem with the above two instances is that you jam-packed much information in the creative process of your ad.

We already know the good start marketers undergo when trying to test a Facebook ad with a new audience, the countless research carried out to find relevant interests to target their audience with.

But in the end, marketers make the mistake of running a set of ads with all of their interests finding in one single ad set.

Finding new audience with their interest is a good ad ideal but using multiple interests in a single ad set makes it hard if not impossible to really pinpoint the interest that was most effective or delivered your ad objective.

It also becomes hard to discover new interests related to the interests that brought about the big short.

The Right Approach / Facebook Ads Guide to Follow

Target audience by grouping their interest into categories.

First, shortlist all the interests you want to target and group them into categories.

Secondly, create different ad sets and match each ad set to one interest group.

With this, you will discover the audience that performed best, the scope of each audience, and how to find other interests related to that audience.

  1. Don’t Jump to Creating Sales ad First Rather Build Your Customer Base

Your first ad as a marketer shouldn’t center on driving as many people as you can reach with your ad to your purchasing page or landing page.

Why you are called a marketer is to first sell the ideology or concept behind your product before the product itself.

Before a customer buys a product or subscribes to your services they want to know why yours is different from others, what they stand to benefit.

Most customers that buy products online wants to make an informed decision, aside from the visual appeal your product portrays.

In social media advertising, you must give before you ask not the opposite.

It doesn’t just work to launch your first ad to a whole new target audience with a sales objective, that’s why in Facebook there are different start-up objectives like brand awareness, engagement before conversion.

We always advise advertisers not to jump the process and start creating a sales ad that direct a cold audience to their buying land page, you won’t accomplish much using such an advertising approach.

Here is the right approach / Facebook Ads Guide to Follow

Create an ad that generates leads, and offer something that is of value to start a conversation with the lead you generated.

That value conversation starter can help you engage them, build a relationship and as well nurture.

At this stage, it becomes easy for them to buy from you when they are ready to buy. Because at this point you have built trust and have shown a little interest in what they care about instead of their cash.

Arm yourself with the knowledge of the right campaign objective that will best deliver the goal of your ads. Know more about campaign objectives by visiting


Maybe you’ve read hundreds of post from different blogs telling you the right Facebook Ads Guide but very few have told you the right approach to Facebook advertising, as well as mistakes to avoid that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars yet you will still not level up with the objective of your ad.

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