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Digital Marketing Tools | 7 Best Tools to Grow & Manage your Blog Traffic

This post goes to the point; 7 digital marketing tools to drive traffic, manage and measure your site traffic and convert visitors into customers.

Digital Marketing ToolsDigital Marketing Tools

Google Analytics

The first digital marketing tool that you should use is Google Analytics. It tracks your visitor count if you have a lot of traffic.

Google Analytics will show you how people are engaging throughout your site and what traffic sources are causing most conversions.

Don’t optimize for traffic. Optimize for traffic that causes conversions.


The second digital marketing tool you should be using is Ubersuggest. Every blogger or businesses desire to rank on Google SERPs. Ubersuggest will help you with keyword research and other SEO optimization.

Google Search Console

The third digital marketing tool you should also be using is Google Search Console. It helps you look at all your blog posts, how many impressions they get, how many clicks they get and the click-through rate.

We look for the posts that get less than a five percent click-through rate. We look at all the keywords that were getting impressions from that post, and then we integrate those keywords into that blog post or that landing page, and we rewrite that content to start ranking for the keywords they are getting impressions.


The fourth digital marketing tool is Crazyegg. Crazyegg shows you how people are engaging with your website or a particular page or blog post. This tool goes detail as showing you how far your visitors are scrolling. Where they’re clicking. With these data, you can know what to remove, what to improve in other to keep your site visitors engaged.

You don’t have to be a developer or a designer to use Crazyegg. You can adjust your page and run A/B tests to maximize your sales.

Because it’s not just about getting traffic, it’s about converting those visitors into buying customers.


Subscriber is a push notifications tool.

If people visit your site ones and never come back again. Simply because they don’t remember your site URL or address. Then it shouldn’t be. Because with one click your site visitors can subscribe and get fresh content whenever it’s published.

What it does is – it puts a little browser notification when people come to your site and gets them to subscribe without being obtrusive, it does it all within the browser.


HubSpot’s a great tool to look at your overall marketing, and your lead count. It integrates marketing with sales. HubSpot has a lot of free plans, and they have some startup plans, which is very entrepreneur-friendly, and best of all is they keep adding more and more plans for free. They’re a billion-dollar company that is trying to crush its competitors, so they’re just releasing a lot of stuff for free.


Buzzsumo is a tool for content discovery. It will analyze a certain topic or competitor that you give it and tell you the content that performs best. Develop a better one and out-perform them.