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Instagram Post Mockup | Instagram Post Mockup Download

Instagram Post Mockup – Instagram is a mobile app (iOS and Android) that enables users to instantly turn their mobile snapshots into visually appealing images, which are then shared with others on the network.

The images can be shared on other social networks, as well, including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and Foursquare. Instagram launched in October 2010, was purchased by Facebook in April 2012, and currently has approximately 1 billion users.

Instagram Post Mockup


On June 20, 2013, Instagram added the capability to post short videos, a response to the growing popularity of Vine, a six-second video app owned by Twitter.

Instagram is dedicated to the mobile experience, and part of its growth was fueled by the rapid adoption of smartphones with high-functioning cameras. Although it now provides a Web site where users can view posts, images still can’t be posted from a Web interface without a workaround.

Instagram Post Mockup & Download

Instagram has grown over the years that marketers, agencies, and businesses are on the lookout on how they can take advantage of the platform in promoting their business and brand awareness.

Just recently Instagram introduced a new update where advertisers can now sell products using Instagram stories ad. According to statistics Instagram in June 2018 has recorded 500 million daily active users and 1 billion monthly users.

This huge blast of number increase in 2018 made Instagram one of the popular social media networks aside its sister Facebook. No doubt that it’s a great and profitable platform for social media marketers.

Here is the gist, Instagram is a social network site where businesses connect with potential customers on a daily base. Going further, a survey revealed that, of the 500 million active users, 70% are either connected to one or more brands or have hooked up with them on one occasion or the other.

So if you are a startup and you looking for a smart Instagram Post Mockup that will help you create your business goal, then you are on the right page. The ever increasing successes and achievements businesses make on a daily base using Instagram are totally dependent on the quality of images and videos used to showcase your brand.

So here are some cultures you need to master if you are new to Instagram for business;

  • Be habitually attractive by using high quality and smart image both as your profile picture and creating Instagram stories.
  • Only use images that depict or represent your brand.


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Download Instagram Post Mockup here.

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