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Facebook Analytics Tools | 20 Best Facebook Analytics Tools for Marketers of all Size

Social Media Analytics Tools | Facebook Analytic Tools

There are over 200 Facebook Analytics tools in the market some are free while others are paid analytics tools. However, the choice of which tool to use is dependent on what aspect of your Facebook activities you did want to track or analyze and how much you did want to pay.

Facebook Analytics Tools

Here is a list of Facebook analytics tools for your Facebook data tracking, starting with Facebook’s very own analytic tool – Facebook Page Insights – It is a tool that offers up data specific to your brand page it tells you who your fans are, their location, how they engage with your page and posts.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a Facebook analytics tools – amazingly it’s free, using or paying for a third-party tool might be a bit demanding. Available for each page you manage, it has basic — yet essential — metrics such as page likes and actions. Differentiating between paid and organic, you can get standard post data — reach, impressions, and engagement. It also offers fan demographic information, including gender, location, and language. Due to its range of metrics, some tools on this list integrate with Facebook Insights instead of offering unique data points.

  1. Quantity: Free and paid Page Analytics tool

The free plan on Quintly lets you access analytics for up to three Facebook Pages, offering stats on the main engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares) plus stats on follower growth. When you add multiple pages, you can quickly see at-a-glance how the pages compare on the graphs.

  1. WolframAlpha Facebook Report: Profile and Post Analytics tool

A fun tool built by the team behind the Wolfram Alpha search engine, the Wolfram Alpha Facebook Analyzer shows you all sorts of fun and useful information for your Facebook profile and posts.

  1. LikeAlyzer: Page Analytics tool

Pop in your Facebook Page URL and LikeAlyzer will analyze your Facebook Page and provide metrics such as posts per day, engagement per post, timing, and length of posts. It also offers recommendations for improving your Facebook Page.

  1. Crowdbooster: Fan Analytics Tool

    Crowdbooster focuses on fan analytics, such as activity and influence stats, the tool suggests who to engage and how to improve your interaction efforts. It also measures engagement data in real-time to recommend posting times. You can export this information to Excel, or get it in a weekly performance summary.

  1. Activate: Page Analytics Tool

Maybe the most flexible, it gives a spreadsheet-like experience with Facebook analytics templates that you can modify just like you would any other spreadsheet. Their use of cell-level reactions is something we use religiously now so as not to miss anything important.

  1. GA Data: Page & App Analytics Tool

    It’s an Excel-based tool that is especially handy when you’re managing lots of FB pages or apps, as it can fetch the metrics for all into one view quickly. It also connects with Google Analytics, AdWords and Microsoft adCenter, so you get all your data into one place easily.

  2. Sysomos: Analytics Tool for all Social platform

Sysomos social media monitoring platform has a great component called “Facebook Page Central” – it’s really part of the Heartbeat platform, but it provides some great data to supplement your FB Insights data.

  1. SocialPilot: Page Analytics Tool

Get a complete and latest view of your Facebook pages. Understand the daily/weekly/ monthly growth of your audience by tracking likes. By analyzing audience growth trends, you can understand which campaigns are bringing you the most fans. Improving audience engagement signals that your marketing strategy, including and the campaign is working. Find out when your fans are active the most. and use this data to optimize your posting schedule.

  1. Social Insider: Page, Fans & Post Analytics Tool

Social Insider gives you insights about Facebook page evolution historical data (posts & fans ) for any Facebook page the most active fans the boosted posts for any FB page when people are interacting with the FB page general reports on engagement, likes, shares, comments.

  1. SocialDon: Free Fans Analytics Tool

SocialDon allows you to compare Facebook statistics of different companies by their growing fans and other metrics for FREE. Not only that, you can check the statistics of your competitors Facebook FanPage as well, and you get all these tools for FREE.

  1. Wisemetrics Stream: Free & paid Social Media AnalyticsTool

Wisemetrics stream allows you to create a stunning Powerpoint report in one click only. Our free plan offers lots of data and metrics while our premium plans (starting at $10/month) additionally provide Benchmarking tools, ROI measurement, and advanced analytics.

  1. SocialMotus: Free Message Analytics tool

SocialMotus gives you access to real-time statistics for every message delivered. Find the period with the most engagements for your messages.

  1. PageViral: Audience Analytics Tool

PageViral tracks real-time user behavior, sentiment, engagement and interaction patterns in 41 different languages. It displays complex data in an easy-to-understand style which makes it visually appealing for presentations and reports.

  1. NapoleonCat: Social media Profile Analytics Tool

NapoleonCat is a great social media analytical tool. There is a free trial available so you can create your free account and check how it works. NapoleonCat allows you to analyze any public profile on Facebook so you can track your results as well as monitor your competitors’ results. As for analytics, you can also monitor accounts on different social platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ (just to let you know).

As for Facebook, you can track fans base growth, total reach, active users and people talking about your brand (divided by country), and Engagement Rate and more.

  1. Keyhole: Page Analytics Tool

Use Keyhole to get data and optimization strategies for any public Facebook page, whether it belongs to you or a competitor. Inputting the page’s name will reveal metrics surrounding fan growth, engagement by post type and best times to post based on engagement. A unique feature, the tool also calculates the ideal length of your updates by character count.

To better understand your page or the competition’s strategies, you can export these data points — and more — in PDFs and Excel spreadsheets.

  1. Brand24: Brand mention Analytics Tool

Try Brand24 to track metrics surrounding conversations across Facebook. It gives a stream of your company’s mentions, but the tool’s analytical value lies in the measurement of these mentions. It also has a discussion volume chart, illustrating spikes and drops in mentions. This helps you visualize the popularity of events and social campaigns.

  1. Brandwatch: Social Media Page, Audience and mention Analytics tool

Use Brandwatch to analyze a page’s fan base. Able to track data about any public page, the tool offers audience analytics such as gender, location, profession, and interests. Along with mention volume and sentiment, the tool monitors what audience members are sharing to uncover popular topics. You can use this information to inform your Facebook content strategy, possibly giving you more ideas to post about.

  1. Buffer: Social media Post analytics Tool

Try out Buffer if you need a scheduling tool with complimentary analytics. It informs your Facebook strategy by offering basic post metrics, such as engagement, for updates you make through the tool. Based on this data, Buffer identifies your top post each day. To replicate its success, you can model future updates on its content type and posting time.

  1. Cyfe: Page, Post, and Demographic Analytics Tool

    Consider Cyfe if you want a customizable analytics dashboard. Along with finance and general web metrics, you can add and remove more than 50 Facebook widgets from your dashboard. These widgets track page metrics, post stats, and demographic data.

  2. Crimson Hexagon: Page Analytics Tool

Crimson Hexagon gives you access to page analytics such as sentiment, engagement, and demographic information — ranging from age to ethnicity. Like some other tools on this list, you can access data for any public page.