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Facebook Attribution | A Helpful Way to Set Up Facebook Attribution

Facebook Attribution Tool helps you to understand the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaign by giving you insights on which ads lead brought the most sales to your funnel or business.

Facebook Attribution

What is Attribution?

Attribution, in general, is an important piece of understanding not just Facebook advertising performance but understanding the cross channel interplay of digital assets – organic and paid and how they contribute to the sales funnel.

How does Facebook Attribution Tool Works?

To help you understand how Facebook Attribution works, I will give you a simple and concise illustration – Take, for instance, you launched series of Facebook Ad Campaign and you saw one traction (one sale) on your e-commerce store or one subscription on your online webinar. The next would be to check which Ad brought in the sale.

Using the data you gathered by performing an attribution test or analysis, you are able to turn off non-performing ads and scale up performing ads.

However, Facebook attribution tool examines all that may have influenced your customer online and offline that resulted in making a buying decision.

Maybe the last click before a purchase didn’t come from your conversion ad, it really doesn’t mean your ads campaign, didn’t contribute to fuelling customer’s purchase. And to see of theses attribution that can’t be figured through the last click and cookies is why FA comes to play.

The Importance of Facebook attribution Tool

Facebook attribution is super valuable since it can identify users (as long as they are logged into Facebook) across devices and give you insights into what ad attributed to a sale but you have to be aware of their attribution window.

How to Set Up Facebook Attribution

Add Your Line of Business

The first step to using Facebook Attribution tool is to add your line of business in Facebook Business Manager.

Here’s how to do it…

  • Go to Facebook Business Manager
  • On the account tab locate the business settings and select “Line of Business”
  • Click “Add”
  • Key in the name for your line of business
  • Hit “Create Line of Business”
  • Done creating a line of business, Next, is to add your business asset that you did want to track
  • If you have a team of people that you want to also access your tracking data (assign permission to them)
  • Next, would be to; (add pixels, ad account, apps, and any offline events you did want to track in the attribution model)
  • Let’s say you have selected all your asset, ‘Click the view in Attribution button at the top right
  • If you are creating a Line of Business the first time, you will be prompted to a time zone and your currency
  • Done making the selection, finally, click “Activate My Line of Business
  • Wait for an hour and you will start seeing your data displayed in the attribution model

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