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LinkedIn Videos | 3 Ways to Gain Customers using LinkedIn Videos

In this post, I have just one simple task – to show you how successful marketers are using LinkedIn videos to gain a lot more new customers and how you too can do it.

LinkedIn Videos

Lead generation has been the hard-hit of many marketers using LinkedIn. This article gives you a snip guide on how to create a winning LinkedIn video that can step up your customer acquisition goals.

What does it take a marketer to produce winning LinkedIn videos that drive brand awareness, lead generation, engagement, and conversion? Well, we can take some cues from Hollywood. Movies that earn Oscar nominations tend to form a distinct connection with viewers.

They often evoke emotion — through drama, humor, relatability — and compel an audience to think differently about the topics they explore. This is exactly what your brand should learn to do using LinkedIn video. Yes, it might look like an uphill task but all it takes is a bit of creativity and know-how.

Why LinkedIn Videos are important for Customers Acquisition

Customer acquisition is now different from what it used to be. According to HubSpot, 81% of consumers trust the recommendation of family & friends over that from businesses through conventional advertising. Which is more reason why a good social media presence in platforms like LinkedIn is important?

By statistics, LinkedIn is a B2B platform known mostly for its effectiveness in lead generation. It’s more effective than Twitter and Facebook to 277%.

To get gain the unending profit of using LinkedIn for customer acquisition you will need to appropriately invest in target marketing throughout the buyer’s journey.

To convince you more – Videos are the most shared content on LinkedIn. So plunge into using videos for lead generation or gaining new customers.

What Type of LinkedIn Videos do you need to Acquire a New Customer?

Different LinkedIn videos do different things at each stage of the buyer’s journey. To make the best use of videos you must learn when a particle video type is needed to drive your message home. Below are types of videos if well used delivers your message to your audience dependent on the goal you want to accomplish. It may be to create awareness, generate a lead, engage and convert.

Telling Your Story: People, in general, are inquisitive. They’re always curious to learn more about who they’re connecting with. It could be the story behind your business venture, or a quick explanation behind how you got started. Just like a traditional status update, add a bit of text to draw people in, and embed your video directly below.

Promoting Your Products: Just like any other marketing activity, the main focus of your LinkedIn video strategy is product and service promotion. Use LinkedIn videos to promote your products. It can demonstrations of your products; answer frequently-asked questions about your products.

Offer Quick Tips: Social media, in general, is a good place to share tips and how-to videos for those looking for high engagement. And LinkedIn is no exception. You can even start a “quick tip series” and give one good tip weekly.

Showcase Industry Events: Industry conferences are big right now. If your company is hosting an event or you’re taking part in one, let your audience know and give them an inside look at your activities.

Spotlight New Technology or Products: LinkedIn videos are a good idea if you want to do product demos or highlight a related product or service

Show off Your Creativity: Creativity on social media is huge, especially when you can use it to highlight the behind-the-scenes of what you do.

Interview Industry Leaders: Take the opportunity to promote and share the pros’ expertise on LinkedIn. This stuff is powerful.

Repurpose Your Blog Content: If you want to send traffic back to your site, you can post short video clips with the main points of your blog posts.

Tips for Recording your Videos

For recording video, I will share with you tips you need for effective recording:

  • You need good lighting.
  • At conferences using the windows to light, your video is good because the UV filter conference halls and hotels put on the glass make for phenomenal lighting.
  • If you have a shaky hand or get nervous shooting video, place your phone somewhere static or maybe get a selfie stick, provided that doesn’t make the shaking even worse.
  • Put a selfie stick against your hip, not against your chest, because as you breathe, the stick moves. Optionally, you can buy inexpensive compact tripods and use a smartphone adapter to secure your phone on the tripod.
  • To gain a cool sound you might need a Rode smartLav. You just attach the mic to your clothes, within about a foot of your mouth. Using this mic minimizes the ambient noise you get in public.

How to gain Customers using LinkedIn Video

1. Create a Customer Acquisition Strategy

The first most important thing to do is to create a customer acquisition strategy that will help you to find and attract the type of customer you want. And to do that you need a plan to help you reach your marketing goal.

Here are some points to put in consideration when creating a customer acquisition plan for your LinkedIn video marketing:

  • Create goals for your company – to gaining new customers you will need to create a company goal as the directing point for your marketing campaign. Your goal might be to create brand awareness, lead generation, and conversion. This will help you focus on a particular marketing funnel. But make sure you have a realistic goal.
  • Identify your target audience – when you have a defined target audience it helps you create video content that resonates with them.
  • Keep it timely and with a budget – set up the duration your campaign is going to last alongside a budget that will run successfully with the set timeline.
  • Create a marketing campaign – after setting your goal to create a campaign to achieve your goal.
  • Use relevant KPIs – anything that is not measured cannot be improved. So select important metrics to keep up with the performance of your campaign.

2. Create a different Video Type for each Marketing Funnel

Before creating a LinkedIn video notice two types of Video; LinkedIn native videos and LinkedIn video ads. Native videos autoplay in the feed but video ads are sponsored content which can be used to create brand awareness, Consideration and lead generation.

Native videos are 10 minutes long while video ads are 30 minutes long. Though native videos perform better. So before creating a video, you should understand what your goals are; whether you want to create brand awareness, consideration or conversion. That will help you know the very type of video for the marketing stage.

Video Specifications

To optimize native LinkedIn video, follow these LinkedIn Video size:

  • File size: 5GB or less
  • Aspect ratio: 1:2.4 or 2.4:1
  • Length: from 3 seconds to 10 minutes
  • Frame rate: 60 frames per second (FPS) or less
  • File formats: .ASF, .AVI, .FLV, .MOV, .MP4, .MKV, and WebM

To Optimize LinkedIn video ads, follow these LinkedIn Video size:

  • File size: 200MB or less
  • Aspect ratio: Horizontal only, with resolutions from 2.4:1 to 1:1
  • Length: up to 30 minutes
  • Frame rate: 30 FPS is the maximum
  • File formats:MP4

·   LinkedIn Video for Building Awareness

Awareness is the initial stage of a consumer’s contact with your company and its products. At this stage, the objective is to encourage people to seek more information about your business and drive traffic to your website.

One effective type of LinkedIn video for this stage is a short introductory video that tells customers about your company and promotes it. The objective is to create awareness about your company.

Another option is to share short videos that focus on your products rather than your company as a whole.

Event and motivational videos can also be effective at the awareness stage. To illustrate, you could share footage from live events hosted by your company. The goal is to create an upbeat, positive feeling about your company. The video should motivate the consumer and evoke an emotional response.

·   LinkedIn Video for Consideration

Consideration is often viewed as the most important part of the customer journey because what happens next depends largely on the lead’s experience with your business at this stage.

The goal of these videos should be to enhance the customer experience. There are several types of LinkedIn videos that work well for this purpose.

Company story videos that show the human side of your business can help the audience connect with you. These videos typically include employees and executives speaking about your company and their experiences working for it.

Another effective video type for lead acquisition is corporate social responsibility (CSR) videos, which generally deal with the social responsibility accomplishments of your company. They can create a good feeling about your business and show viewers how you’re giving back to the community.

Explainer and product demo videos tell consumers about your products and discuss how they provide a solution to the problem they may have. In an explainer video, discuss a problem and explain the solution that your company can provide. For a product demo video, explain in detail how your product works and what problems it’s designed to solve.

·  LinkedIn Video for Conversion

In this stage of the customer journey, you need to convince the customer that you offer the best solution to their problem. Give them a gentle reminder that your products are top-notch and your company is trustworthy. Testimonial videos work well for this purpose.

Testimonial videos are excellent for building confidence in your business. Share video testimony of existing customers talking about your products and how those products helped solve their problem. Consider asking the customer to comment on their experience with your company and staff.

3. Optimize Your LinkedIn Video Post

Like all other social media platforms, LinkedIn has its own video posting guidelines. To optimize your LinkedIn video content, follow these best practices.

Tips #1: Deliver Your Message as Briefly as Possible – the attention span of viewers is short, so long LinkedIn videos can be counterproductive. Try adding a hook in the first few seconds to grab their attention. The most successful LinkedIn ads are 15 seconds on average, while the informal cutoff for any LinkedIn video is 10 minutes.

Tips #2: Ask questions and tell a story to encourage viewers to engage with your content and share it with their networks. Include an effective call to action in your video to drive engagement.

Tips #3: Add subtitles to your video for people who are watching with the sound muted, which is often the case in the office or other public places.

Tips #4: Add a description that will catch users’ attention in the feed so they’ll want to click on the video and watch it.

Tips #5: To reach a wider audience, add relevant LinkedIn hashtags to your video post but don’t overdo it.

Tips #6: To get an idea of the content type in your niche, follow relevant LinkedIn hashtags.

Tips #7: Optimize for Mobile Viewing

Tips #8: Link-Back to Your Video Elsewhere.

Tips #9: Don’t forget to keep it Professional.

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