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Facebook Messenger Ads | How To Set Up A Facebook Messenger Conversion Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads – Create a more personalized ad, that displays inside the messenger app, making it possible for users to interact with your ads on the home tab and on the user’s chat box (messenger’s inbox). Which appears to be more direct and user-centric advertising means.

More to Facebook Messenger ads is it’s high conversion and response rate because it’s displayed directly to users home tab and initiate instant messaging the moment it hits target audience messenger app inside the user’s chat box. Facebook messenger ads high conversion rate has proven that it’s the best advertising platform every marketer should employ.

Facebook Messenger Ads

In this post, we going to be sharing with you how to create a Facebook Messenger Ads. Before we continue we would want you to know the two types of Facebook Messenger ads;

  1. Sponsored Messages – this type of Messenger ads is common and more user-centric in the sense that appears directly on users messenger chat box. It’s best in sending leads notice, news updates, and special offers and promotions. Its major advantage is that it can be retargeted.
  2. Click-to-Messenger Ads – this is similar to the normal Facebook Ads but when it’s published it displays a CTA (Call to Action) button that when users click on, it initiates a chat conversation in the messenger chat box.

How To Set Up A Facebook Messenger Ads

To create a Facebook Messenger ads is simple and it’s an easy form of advertising to reach and engage your target audience and existing customers right on their Mobile App. Follow the below steps to create a Facebook Messenger ads.

Step 1:  Sign into  Facebook Ads Manager and click the “Create” button.

Step 2: Choose your marketing  Objective (for sponsored messages that appear on the messenger home screen, select “Traffic” or “Conversions” as your marketing objective).

Step 3: Tap “View Content”  in the conversion event area if you chose conversion as your marketing or campaign objective.

Step 4: Choose A Target Audience.


In the target audience section you can create a new audience or select an audience you have saved before, you can also choose to target a lookalike audience.

Step 5: Choose where you want your ad displayed, to determine this, tap on the “Edit Placements” button. and choose where you want your ad displayed. If your target audience is already on facebook messenger, placing your ad in their messenger inbox would be an easy way to start up a conversation. To do this use the automatic placement to deliver your ad directly to the user’s inbox. If you “Edit Placement” then you will need to select feed since delivery to the inbox is not available as a standalone placement.


After choosing an ad placement and you get an error message, try choosing “Feeds” on both Instagram and Facebook Platforms and chose Home or sponsored Messages on Messenger platform.

Step 6: Choose your ad budget and schedule (when you want your address delivered to your audience).

Step 7: Select a Facebook page where your ad will be delivered from to your audience. (Choose an ad format; Carousel, single video, slideshow or single image).

Step 8: Choose your destination option. Go to the link section and choose from the two options; One is to drive traffic to a landing page – type in your Website URL, while the other is to start a conversation inside the messenger app (users chat box) – then Select the Messenger option.

Step 9: Key in the ad “Headline, News Feed Link Description and Text”. Here a preview of what your ad will look like when published will be displayed at the right corner of the page.

Step 10: If your ad destination is landing page website URL (Traffic) after you are done setting up your ad, place your order. If the messenger is your ad destination, tap on “Click Set Up Messenger Content” to add the message that will be displayed on users messenger app (chat box) to start up a conversation.

Step 11: Set up a Messenger Content using the “Quick Creation Tab”. When done Setting up a Messenger content, click Done and place your order.

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