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How Does LinkedIn Work: The Ultimate Marketing Guide to Reaching Small Businesses

How Does LinkedIn Work? LinkedIn is a very popular professional social media networking platform, where job seekers and employers can connect. LinkedIn is more like Facebook for business persons that enable you to network and to build your professional portfolio.

How Does LinkedIn Work

How Does LinkedIn Work: Reach Out To Small Businesses

If you’re a LinkedIn user and you have a business page or you make use of LinkedIn ads and wish to use it to reach out to small and medium businesses, then this post is just you.


Just as you can advertise on Facebook and Instagram, you can also advertise on LinkedIn with the use of the Campaign Manager to run campaigns and post ads. It allows you to post your ads and place the contents on the homepage of prospective client homepage so they can view it from any device as they are glancing through the LinkedIn webpage.


This is one of a very important tool created by LinkedIn when using their sponsored ads to reach out to businesses outside your network. The advantage of using a company size filter is that you can use it to aim at companies that are more likely to acquire the product/ services you are rendering. Usually, small and medium-size consists of about 50 workers and lesser. Below is a list of company size filters provided by LinkedIn when targeting your audience.

  • Myself only
  • 1-10 employees
  • 11-50 employees
  • 51-200 employees
  • 201-500 employees
  • 501-1,000 employees
  • 1,001-5,000 employees
  • 5,001-10 ,000 employees
  • 10,001 + employees

You can click on the list of company sizes provided by LinkedIn to either include them or exclude them but it’s more preferable to exclude the companies sizes by using the exclude option in your filtering and filter out the company sizes you don’t want to reach such as the company size from “51 – 200 and above” as this helps you to reach out to 10x more target audience than when you use the include filter option.


Aside from the algorithm used by LinkedIn to help filter your content, humans also have a huge role to play as they have the power to allow the content shown to them should remain in their feed or not and likewise share the content that it helps to boost it and reach other users newsfeeds.

If your goal is to reach small businesses (small and medium-size company) prospect then you can market it to them using the LinkedIn advertising strategy that has been shared here as this would get you 10 times more clients/prospects than when you don’t use it.

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