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Create Instagram Ad | How to Create Effective Instagram Ads that convert

Create Instagram Ad: – The best social media platform to advertise especially visually appealing products is on Instagram. Its growth has skyrocketed over the years. In the meantime, Instagram is in competition with its parent advertising platformFacebook. So, as an advertiser creating an Instagram Ad campaign can double your ROI.

Create Instagram Ad

This post will shield light on some Instagram Ad creation tips that would help you get the most out of Instagram Advertising.

Simple things you need to start doing….

#1: Repurpose Instagram Stories Ads on Facebook

Advertisers can use a combination of videos and images for Instagram feed and Stories ad placements. However, Andrew primarily uses video for Stories ads. They’re currently the best performing ads for his agency and can be repurposed as video ads for Facebook, where they’re also gaining traction.

After creating an Instagram story using a professional image; adding text overlays, GIFs, and other Instagram stickers; and publishing it to the platform, Andrew downloads it. He then uploads it to Facebook as a video ad with all of the Instagram Stories enhancements. This approach effectively cuts down on editing and design time, which in turn reduces lead costs for his clients.

#2: Limit Text in Instagram Ads

As a rule, Facebook finds that images and videos with less than 20% text perform better. To create a good experience for audiences and advertisers, both image and video ads submitted to run on Instagram are reviewed and assessed based on having a Low, Medium, or High amount of text.

Ads with higher amounts of image text may not be shown, maybe flagged, or could be charged more by Facebook and Instagram. Facebook might also limit the reach of ads that exceed the 20% text limit.

Facebook provides a Text Overlay Tool to measure the proportion of text in your ad images before you upload them to Ads Manager. For video ads, Facebook measures the amount of text in your thumbnail but doesn’t measure the amount of text in the video.

When you upload a native video for use in an Instagram ad, create a thumbnail that’s just a clean photograph or a version of the lead image with less text. As long as the selected thumbnail is below the 20% text limit, your ad will pass Facebook’s and Instagram’s standards.

#3: Use Audio Captioning in Instagram Ads

Audio allows you to get your message across more effectively in stories and the feed. Use audio as much as you can, especially in your Instagram Stories ads.

Stories will automatically play the audio, but people might have their phones muted or turn off the sound while browsing the platform. For this reason, always caption your video ads or indicate there’s sound by using the Sound On sticker to let people know there’s more to experience.

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