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Instagram Video Ads | 3 Little-known Tips to Create Video Ads That Work

In this post, I will quickly share tips for creating an effective Instagram Video Ads that work.

let’s quickly delve into it…

Instagram Video Ads

Use Story Features to Create a Video From a Single Image

If you’re new to creating video ads for Instagram, natively created stories are a great place to start. Andrew shares the simple process for creating Instagram video ads from images and simple embellishments done right on your phone. He explains how to do this by using the example of promoting a webinar.

The first step is to take a screenshot of your webinar landing page and use the image to create an Instagram story on your phone. Place the screenshot front and center and add text that says, “Look! If you want to learn more about running amazing Instagram ads, I just created this cool new workshop. Swipe up if you want to check it out.”

You can then turn this simple image into a video by adding interactive stickers, GIFs of moving arrows pointing up to the screenshot, and more. Because the moving arrows lend motion to the story post, you can export it as a video and repurpose it as a video ad.

Gather Testimonials From Screenshots or Face-to-Camera Video

You can use the same video creation process for capturing screenshots of positive testimonials about your products or services, or gathering face-to-camera video, and using either of these as ads.

Video testimonials don’t have to be fancy or complicated. The more raw or natural they appear, the more appealing they’ll be for your audience. The idea is to capture a quick 15-second video in a vertical orientation. It should grab viewers’ attention, give solid reasons to try your brand or take your class, and tell them what action to take next. Your subject can simply face the camera and record.

Pause Before the Stories Ad Ends

Keep the structure of your Stories ads simple and easy to follow. Call out exactly what you want your audience to do. If you need them to “swipe up” to visit your landing page, tell them to do that in the video and then take a healthy pause.

If somebody is watching your 15-second Stories ad and you wait until the very last second to mention that they need to “Swipe up to learn more,” Instagram will roll to the next story before they get a chance to do that. Give people time to process your words and move their hand to swipe up on your ad.

Although users can certainly scroll back to your ad, it’s more effective to just give them 2 or 3 seconds to take action, as opposed to scrolling back.

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