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Twitter Trends | Top Trending Topics on Content Marketing

Twitter Trends – Twitter is a great platform for receiving updates on the latest news and trends in industries, events and also shares information. Twitter boasts of over half a billion monthly active users. This means there are lots of target audiences for content creators and marketers to reach out to and they can do so by using the right hashtags.

Twitter Trends

If you are looking forward to promoting and creating contents on twitter and keeping up with latest trends, determining which topic has more engagements, you can make use of some analysis made by SEMRush to determine the most rated and performing tweets on twitter based on the hashtag (#ContentMarketing) used.


A content marketing strategy that is the highest discussed tweet in the hashtag #contentMarketing has over 29% analyzed tweets and a good content marketing strategy helps you know how to curate the right and relevant content for your target audience.

  1. SEOs

SEO is one of the most discussed topics in content marketing with a tweet ratio of 12%. This shows that SEO play a very important role in content marketing. SEO  is one of the most powerful tools in content marketing as a high percentage of web traffic is gotten from organic search.


Blogging is also one of the top discussed topics with the hashtag #contentMarketing and it makes up 6% of analyzed tweets. It is, therefore, necessary to make your blog post rank high in SEOs.


Data analysis and statistic s are one of the major factors a content marketing strategy relies on. Based on the analysis made, 9% of tweets that were analyzed talks about data statistics and 15% of tweets with images talk about data statistics.


Visual content is very relevant and extremely important in content marketing as they attract more engagement depending on how it’s been customized and used. An analysis of tweets shows that 12% of tweets consist of text only, 37% of tweets with visuals contain infographics and 3% of them contained videos. It has been observed that most content that is published using visual content other than text-only gets the attention of the audience faster as people prefer it 10 times over than reading a long line of text.

  1. TOOLS

An analyzed tweet shows that tools have the lowest rating and it is least discussed in the content Marketing hashtag topic with a percentage of 2%. Although it is least popular, marketers still in search of tools to help them in their content strategy and promotions so the importance of tools cannot be neglected.

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