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Twitter Influencers | How To Network And Build Your Authority On Twitter

If you are looking for ways to network and build your authority or relationship on Twitter, you can do so by following Twitter influencers in your industry. Growing your business on Twitter isn’t really about the followers you have but you need to focus on the conversations you have. It’s all about the context you have with real people on the platform.

Twitter Influencers

#1: Find Influencers

One of the big questions is how to find influencers on twitter? One of the ways is by checking the number of followers one has and if such an account is verified by Twitter. It’s a start but not a sure way to know how powerful and influential they can be. The following tools would help you collect data, locate and save you time in connecting with influencers on Twitter.

Twitter Tools To Help Locate Industry Influencers

  • Followerwonk

This is a twitter tool that specializes in analytics that enables you to see your twitter followers rank statistics called social authority. The social authority is based on the retweet frequency of Twitter user’s last hundreds of tweets and how recent their tweets are. You can export the data gotten from follower wonk to excel, filter them and sort them to give you the highest percentage of retweets. By the time you’re done with the data generation, you would have more detailed data points displaying the full name, location, bio, URL, number of tweets and followers.

  •  Wefollow

This is a twitter tool that allows users to tag themselves in different categories they belong into. You can use these tags to search for influencers within that area. You can also change the tabs to see the users with the most followers or most influential.

Twitter Influencers by Location UK, US,

List of UK beauty influencers;

  • Frederique Harrel/Freddieharrel

List of US Twitter Influencers;

  • Katy Perry
  • Barack Obama
  • Justin Bieber

Twitter Influencers Analytic Tools

Here are eleven (11) influencers analytics tools you can use to see what influencers are saying about your brand, follow trending topics and see what your competitors are doing, so you can gain a head up.

  2. Pixlee
  3. Simply Measured
  4. Socialbakers
  5. SocialRank
  6. Crowdfire
  7. Deep Social
  8. HootSuite Analytics
  9. HypeAuditor
  10. Iconosquare
  11. INK361

#2: Follow And Mention Them

After you’ve located your influencers, the next step is to engage them in conversations, you can mention them in certain reasonable posts, like their tweets and retweet their updates.

That way you’ll become noticeable and they can in turn mention or share your post once in a while. These people have the ears of your customers and by building relationships with them, you increase your chances of gaining your customer’s ear in the community.

#3: Set Notifications To Track Them

By so doing, you can track where your influencers post their contents within and outside twitter. A great tool to help do this is the Google Alerts which gives you a notification whenever they post so you can stay up-to-date with their articles. When you come across their contents outside twitter, you can then share it on twitter and tag/mention them in the post that way, you’re gaining more grounds and soon would become influential as they are too.

#4: Connect With Them On Other Social Platforms

There are lots of other online social communities where the influencers you’re trying to reach spend their time on. You can connect with them there and you might probably have a better and direct link to them.

You can follow their blogs or forums etc and also get to meet other professionals in your industry by connecting with them outside of twitter thereby expanding your network and if possible, it might lead to a one-on-one contact which can be done at events, meetings or hangouts and it helps strengthen the relationship.

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