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Twitter Advertising Targeting | Twitter Audience Targeting Followers Of Influencers

Target Followers Of Influencers

Twitter Advertising Targeting –  to grow a large audience, generate more lead and drive engagement on Twitter, let your Twitter Ad Target focus on audience based on who they follow.

When your twitter ads target is geared towards followers of famous or popular people or users relevant or related to your niche, you stand the chance to gain more click, generate leads, and engagement and all these are based on how well you handle your Twitter Advertising Targeting.

Twitter Advertising Targeting

How To Do It?

First, when you are done setting your first ad criteria, locate the “Add followers” button below the additional targeting options. There, you can enter the names of famous users related to your niche and push your ad to people following them and similar people like them.

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How To Target Usernames

We have shown you how to locate an additional targeting option to help you reach followers of relevant niche famous twitter users.

How does this affect my ad performance? There are general deception followers of famous or popular people face, which is they think if a famous user engages with a topic, Then that topic is worth engaging if not, they wouldn’t have followed the user that tweet about that topic. Without knowing that most times leaders or famous people don’t engage in those topics because they are genuinely interested. So with this deception, their followers are more likely to interact or engage in your ad.


Don’t make the mistake of using famous users who share content on several topics or subjects, the reason being that many of their followers may probably not have interest with your niche.

For instance, if you are advertising a tech content, more interaction or engagement may be recorded pushing your ads to people following @Derik_Vick than people following @TechHub.

Let’s Quickly Show You How you can Locate Twitter Influencers

Let’s say, you started newly on a niche and you aren’t conversant with leaders on your niche. Twitter influencer marketing tool can come in handy. But if you are on narrow budgets you might want to try manual methods.

To use the manual method; search for relevant hashtags and keywords related to with your niche, go for a post that has a high percentage of engagement. Tap on the user’s profile to view their followers count.

Search For Top Tweet On Twitter

Searching relevant hashtags such as #SMCS shows you some Social Media Customer Service influencers. How to know they are influencers is if they have large audiences, have generated consistent likes and retweets, then there are influencers. To record an outstanding success with your Twitter Ad, use their handles on your targeting criteria.


Twitter followers of influencers targeting make it easy to connect with twitter audience who are likely to be interested in your business. Leverage influencers handles to target and push your ad content in front of a large audience. Twitter Advertising Targeting plays a major role in helping you achieve your advertising objectives.

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