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Twitter Advertising | The 3 Basic Things Successful Marketers do with Twitter

Twitter Advertising – There is a lot more to accomplish advertising on Twitter. Your account, brand or even business can get more likes, followers and customer advocate for your business, or brand by growing your influence and connecting with new audiences using twitter promoted content.

It’s no new news that users on Twitter are in search of content, stories, businesses, and brands in their area of interest. Here we are going to be sharing three ways you can help people discover your brand or business with Twitter Advertising.

Twitter Advertising

The Best Use of Twitter Advertising

We are going be discussing how you can drive traffic to your blog or website, Create re-engagement campaigns or app install campaigns and pull/build new followers to your Twitter account.

Drive Traffic to your Website

Twitter Advertising can aid in the promotion of your blog and increase traffic or the rate at which users visit your site. With the end goal of making a purchase, reading an article, liking a post, downloading and sharing your content. So with website promotion tweets, you can target unique audiences and generate conversions on your website.

In other words, it’s called conversion campaigns; it allows you to feature web content with web cards. Web cards is an ad format that allows users to display image, similar context and a call-to-action in their timeline.

Click web conversion campaigns to create and launch ads that can drive traffic to your website. You can also create conversion tracking to measure and keep up with the action people take after viewing your ads.

Build New Followers

Creating a follower campaigns ads helps to heighten the rate of brand awareness and pull more followers. Follower Promoted Tweets are displayed in the user’s timeline, as well as a Promoted Accounts in the Who to Follow boxes on the Home, Profile, and Search results pages.

Re-engage your Mobile Audience

Maybe you want to drive app install or get a lot of Twitter users to open your app, you can easily reach mobile users with Tweets optimized for the mobile marketplace through re-engagement campaigns. Your target audience will be able to install your app or open it from their timelines using App cards. App Cards gives mobile users access to preview an image, view app ratings, and install or open an app from their twitter timelines.

Pro Tips; twitter mobile app promotion campaigns work on a cost per app click pricing system. What this means; as an advertiser you only pay for clicks that get people to the App Store or Google Play Store or when people open the app.

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