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Twitter Advertising Effectiveness | Twitter Ads Performance, Audience Insight

Twitter Audiences Insight

Twitter Advertising Effectiveness – You can gain audience insight using Twitter’s built-in Analytics suite, it can come in handy when targeting unique users, as well as when you want to create ads that are appealing to your users.

Twitter Advertising Effectiveness

How to maximize Twitter Analytics Suite

First, open Twitter analytics, tap the “Audience tab” at the page top. You can switch between groups of users starting with people or profiles you have reached organically before or your twitter followers. To learn more about your audience you can as well navigate the “Sub-tabs” to view more audiences info like they buying habit, interest, language, location etc.

Twitter Audiences Insight

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To start with, Twitter analytics help you to choose several audiences to explore. The data collected after examining several audiences comes in handy when it comes to setting targeting criteria for your Twitter ads.

For instance let’s say the majority of people who have interacted with your ads are men, with the age bracket 20-30. And most of them are from the United States, it now an insight to target mostly people from the United States which have the potential of generating more clicks and engagement.

Nevertheless, it’s still challenging coming out with an ad copy, images and a CTA that can grab users or your audience attention. But playing around twitter analytics can ease stress. As you go around the tabs that contain users info ideas on how to put up a good Ad will surely strike your mind.

Factors That Appeal To Advertise

  • Users net worth
  • Users annual or monthly income
  • Users monthly/weekly or item expenditure or budget.

As a marketer, you can utilize these three things to create a compelling or appealing ad. Let’s say your products or services have a tag price between $50 to $3,000 monthly, while the majority of your audience have an annual income above $400, 000. With this, you already know the income and net worth brackets your audience falls within.

The above-stated data can help you with two audiences insight;

First, advertising your high priced products or services will still be fruitful. And secondly, targeting a wealthy audience can be a productive alternative to mastering Twitter advertising effectiveness.


To create the creative part of your ad, use the interest bar graph, located below the “Overview” and “Lifestyle tabs”Which rates trending and popular topics based on audience interest.

Twitter Audience Interest Insight

What Twitter Analytics does is to compare several audiences, to see the difference in their interest.

Take for instance you want to advertise office furniture products or clothing business and your audience is hugely interested in music, your ad can use an image of a well-known artist putting on your brand wear or using your Product, and the wear can highlight some of your wears most artists put on.

Finally, if you wouldn’t want to waste your money and time, don’t start with blind targeting, first arm yourself with accurate audience data. It ensures that you only reach potential customers and attract users whose interest is similar to that of your business.

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It’s simple and easy to improve your twitter ad performance and maximize your ad budgets, improving your ad performance can help you reach or connect with an audience that really wants to engage with your ad content. You are likely to gain more click, generate leads and drive more engagement. Thereby improving your Twitter advertising effectiveness.

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