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Twitter Advertising Campaigns | How To Improve Your Twitter Ad Performance With a Perfect Bidding Options

Twitter Advertising campaignsrecording success advertising on Twitter can be unpredictable without a good knowledge of the best twitter ads campaign strategy. Maybe as an advertiser, you’ve been on the lookout for more cost-effective ways to reach potential customers?.

In this post, we are going to make plain 3 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Ad Performance. Basically, adjusting your bidding option and your method of targeting can help enhance your twitter ad performance and as well reduce costs.

Twitter Advertising Campaigns

Use Effective Bidding Options To Reduce Ad Cost

The default bid type for Twitter ads is “Automatic bid”, but if you want to gain more users’ awareness and expand your ads to the target audience with a high probability to click or follow you, you have to explore other bid types.

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How To Change a Bid Type

  • If you are creating a new ad, scroll to “set budget section”.
  • Tap “Show Advanced Options”, a drop-down menu appears.
  • Select a bid type.
  • An option for maximum and target bidding appears, then select a different bid type.

Bid Pricing

Twitter has three bidding options and daily maximum spend limits. Chose any bidding option of your choice and your preferred daily maximum spend limit.

When you make a maximum bet, you determine how much a lead, click, or engagement is worth to you, there is a probability that you will end up spending less than you offer. Win an auction and your offer resets to little pay, more than the second-place bid.

You can’t talk about boosting your ad performance without the know-how of the above-mentioned method. Because it can earn more leads, clicks, and engagement which on a normal your offer wouldn’t allow.

Alternatively, you can enter many more auctions when you make a target bid, which enables you to advertise or reach more users but you will still be in control of how much you spend.

Automatically Twitter spends about 20% of the amount you keyed in as your daily auction when you set the average amount to spend per link click or lead. Take for instance if you bid $5 per click. Twitter wins you auctions at $4.40 per click and others at $5.60  making the average more than your bid price.

Target Bid

When target bidding is selected and an auction that is below and above target cost is entered. There is a probability of reaching users who can click.

The above bidding choice (target bid) as opposed to the maximum bids, reason because target bid can expose your ads to a large number of users. Twitter won’t shy away from auctions that exceed your set price, potentially earning more space on users’ feeds.

Compared to automatic bids, target bids can win you more auctions. That’s because Twitter won’t enter you with the lowest bid possible.

However, making a maximum or target bid can improve your ad performance while saving some of your budget for future campaigns.

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Target bidding gives advertisers the flexibility to reach users who are likely to take the desired action such as a link click, a lead or a follow while maintaining cost control. An amazing feature for advertisers who look forward to more options for campaign setup and optimization including bidding options.

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