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Messenger Marketing | 7 Little-known Tips for Marketers

Why Facebook Messenger Marketing? despite other marketing platforms out there, you could use it to grow your business. I’ll answer the question in the preceding paragraphs.

This post shares tips on how you can improve messenger bot communication, increase messenger bot subscribers and finally, how to strategically use Facebook messenger for effective marketing.

Messenger Marketing

Why Consider Messenger Ads?

Facebook Messenger ads were made available to users in November 2016.

Facebook Messenger ads are worth investing – More than one billion people communicate via Facebook Messenger. Because that’s where people are having conversations with friends, family, and colleagues.

One of the best ways to connect with customers and prospective clients is through Facebook messenger. It’s a good marketing tool for marketers, companies, and brands.

The app’s popularity makes Facebook Messenger a marketing platform to buy ads, connect with prospects, and talk to customers.

Types of Messenger Ads

There are two types of Facebook Messenger ads.

  • Destination ad
  • Sponsored message

Destination Ad –  the name destination was a result – when you are setting up your ad, you choose Facebook Messenger as the destination as opposed to your website. Like a regular ad, a destination ad appears in the news feed and can display a video, carousel, or image. When someone clicks the ad, a message to your Facebook page opens in Facebook Messenger and you can begin a conversation.

The good thing about the destination ad is that you can target anyone, such as your custom audiences and interests. The opportunities are endless.

Sponsored Message – the sponsored message Ad is more like an email. When you send someone a sponsored message, it appears in their Facebook Messenger inbox.

Messenger Marketing: 7 tips to Improve Facebook Messenger Bot Communication

#1: Develop a Character for Your Messenger Bot

The best way to create a genuine one-on-one connection that leads to conversions is through messenger. Reason being that it has high open rates, click-through rates, and unique interactive user experience.

However, so many marketers don’t maximize the App fullest potential. Because they are less aware of the rules that will keep them up.

Want to increase your engagement and conversion: Here are some rules and guidelines to follow

Step 1: Study how the Messenger subscription process works: A user must interact with your business Messenger account to be subscribed to your bot.

People often think simply clicking a link or the Get Started button is enough to complete a subscription, but that’s not always the case. In most instances, a person is required to send a message to the Facebook page to be subscribed. They can also click a button that triggers a message, but if they click a button that takes them straight to an off-Facebook website or landing page, there’s a good chance their subscription won’t be fully completed.

Think of subscribing as a double opt-in. When someone clicks on a link that sends them a message, ask them to confirm their subscription by clicking a button or entering their email address. This way you know your subscribers want to be there, and you’re following Facebook’s rules.

Step 2: Make it clear that you are using Bot: If you design your Messenger bot to represent itself as a real human, you’ll not only mislead your community but also be violating a California state law that says you must make it clear that a bot is a bot, not a human.

A fun way to stay compliant and create a mini-relationship between your community and bot is to design a character for it. Create a character that represents your brand and use its personality to guide your soon-to-be client and customer on a journey. Your subscribers will be happy to engage.

Step 3: Modify comment opt-in posts: While we used to get great results by saying, “Comment with the word, YES and we’ll send you a free checklist via Messenger,” there has been a decline in the effectiveness of ads and posts like this.

Comment opt-in bots aren’t a thing of the past, but there’s a new way to use them to encourage the deeper, more meaningful conversations Facebook wants to see and that we want with our communities. Instead of asking for a one-word comment, ask for an answer to an engaging question that also helps you identify the needs of your community.

#2: Be Conversational

Copywriting for high-converting bots doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s my #1 tip: Make your copy conversational. It sounds simple, but only about 10% of the bot messages I receive do this.

The key is to create a back-and-forth bot copy that mimics a one-on-one conversation.

Conversational marketing, however, looks something like this:

So, the next time you write copy for your Messenger bot, remember to have an imaginary conversation over coffee (or tea) with your prospect/friend. If you’re like the clients I write bot copy for, you’ll increase your CTR by 30%.

Messenger Marketing: How to Increase Facebook Messenger Bot Subscribers

There are two ways to increase your messenger Bot subscribers:

#3: Use your Messenger bot link in the right place

When it comes to Facebook Messenger marketing, you want to gather as many subscribers as you can from wherever your visitors happen to be. Here are some creative places in which you can include Facebook Messenger bot subscriber links.

When you display a presentation video in a post or on a page, include a Messenger subscriber link to download the slides for the presentation.

When you send out a coupon, require customers to subscribe to your bot to obtain the code.

When you send out a transactional email, include a link to your bot and let readers know they can reach out to you there if they have a question.

Underneath your podcast episodes, include a link to your bot to let listeners download the transcript.

Because I try to grab emails in addition to Facebook Messenger subscribers, I always include a Facebook Messenger checkbox underneath my email forms with an offer of a special gift to incentivize subscriptions. Usually, this gift is an eBook or bonus content.

By including different Messenger subscription methods throughout your site, you can build a sizeable subscriber list in no time.

#4: Engage and generate leads with both Bot and live comment

Facebook Messenger bots are an incredible marketing tool for engaging your existing audience and new leads. What’s another great way to do this on the Facebook platform? Combine a Messenger bot with a Facebook Live to create an experience that not only engages but also leads to sales.

The best strategy for this is to plan an engaging Facebook Live that announces and distributes a freebie such as a PDF guide. Then connect a Messenger bot to your Facebook Live via the Comments feature in either ManyChat or Chatfuel.

When someone comments on your Facebook Live (which you’ll be encouraging people to do during the live broadcast and after), they’ll receive a message from your bot. Your bot will do all of the heavy lifting: distribute the freebie, walk people through the conversion process, and even capture their email.

Messenger Marketing: How to be strategic with Bots

#5: Segment and personalize Bot communication

The biggest mistake I see businesses make with Messenger bots is sending out one-size-fits-all broadcasts. Bots have amazing open rates in comparison to email, but they’re not the same.

Messenger is a chat and conversation platform, and a Messenger bot should provide users with an automated chat experience!

Here are some tips to leverage the three superpowers of Messenger bots:

Interaction: A bot is not a one-way communication tool, so let users engage with your bot. Allow them to choose their adventure by adding navigational quick-reply buttons that let them decide where to go next.

Segmentation: Use bots to ask questions that teach you more about each subscriber. Then use tags or custom fields to segment your subscribers by their expressed interests.

Personalization: When you send out a broadcast, leverage these segments to deliver personalized, relevant information to the subscribers who have indicated an interest in the topic. Irrelevant messages will annoy your subscribers and increase the risk of your bot being reported as spam.

#6: Use Send Message Button for offer delivery

To get started with your first bot, think about a basic purpose it could fill and then build a bot for that specific need.

If you’re a more seasoned bot marketer, you can expand on that by leveraging both the Send Message button and “comment below” call to action. Testing has shown that both of these mechanisms are great on their own, but they perform even better when used together.

The Send Messenger Button is a novel experience so it earns higher engagement rates. Putting a “comment below” type of solicitation in your ad copy.

Neither of these two tools is a secret, but most bot marketers are using one or the other. I encourage you to try them together in the same ad. I’m confident you’ll be happy with the results!

#7: Deliver Event Reminders

By far, the best and easiest use of Messenger bots is to remind people to attend an event such as a Facebook Live broadcast or a webinar.

We’ve found that reminders for a live webinar sent via email only get a 42% open rate, but reminders sent via bot get an 82% open rate, which is almost double.

Getting an alert on your phone via chat for an event that’s about to start is more compelling and timely than an alert via email because, by the time you check email, the event could be over.

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