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IG Captions | How to Write an Effective Instagram Captions

Instagram is a social media platform driven with visual content no doubt. But a little addition of IG captions on visual content like images is still a good way to give context to your image. Why not curate your images and videos in ways that your words help to create impact just as those videos or images do? It’s no tale that words can improve the effect an image creates on its viewers.

IG Captions

IG captions can help you do a lot. It can point your followers to your bio link, your most viral and engaging social content or even to your shared selfie.

An IG caption is a plain write up describing an Instagram photo, for better engagement and deep context. IG captions can be Hashtags, tags, and emojis.

How to Create an Effective IG Captions

The greatest mistake you will ever make as a marketer is to think that Instagram captions are irrelevant to your post. This is the greatest deception ever and downfall to 30% in Instagram posts strategy.

There are five things to take note of when writing an Instagram caption that gives context to your photo or post.

#1: Plan Captions

Like we rightly said before your words are as important as your photo. When generating ideas on what stories to create or tell. Think both in visual and in words. Be sure your word is a contextual complement to your photo and that it will resonate with your audience.

#2: Create Captions

Let’s say you are thought out ideas on how to put up your photo with words. It’s time to produce all the needed captions you will use in your post or with your photo. Pick a note pad app on your device, or paper (you can try Evernote). Using a note pad app or paper helps you write and edit over and over until your words or captions starting making more sense.

#3: Generate Notes of Captions

Maybe you have a team of people you work with and different people oversee different tasks in creating the captions. Like the project initiator, Writer, editor, curator, etc. it’s important and a written note is generated and kept to help other members of the team understand how the process is flowing, where it stops and where to continue.

If you are a one-person team. It’s still a good idea to keep notes to help in memory refreshment and idea originality to help in the expansion of your captions. Most especially if you have work breaks you can always go back to the note to pick up from where you stopped.

#4: Leverage Popular Hashtags

Keep your captions relevant or aligned to international and national trending event hashtags, to be discoverable.

#5: Stay Real & Unique

What gravitate audience and cause people to follow you, is when you are true to your style of writing and create personal uniqueness that makes you outstanding.

#6: Don’t Appear Complex

Keep your captions brief, straight to the point and highly clear to read. Avoid complex words that might sound too ambiguous and hard to comprehend by your readers. Use the right spacing and emojis to make your text/captions plain.

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