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Twitch: Twitch Website | How to Sign Up & Sign In | What Users Should Know

Are you a game lover? Do you hate been defeated why playing video games? Then Twitch is here for you. Twitch is an online video game streaming platform. A company owned by Twitch interactive a subsidiary of Amazon. The company as well offer eSport Broadcasts competition and music. A lot of other features of Twitch are the fact that you can live chat while watching PUBG TV shows and as well broadcast your video game content.

Like you can own a broadcasting channel as similar to that of Facebook. Where your broadcasted video game content can be watched by people following you and people who subscribed to your channel.


Amazingly, navigation on the Twitch’s platform is pretty easy and simple as you have a navigation search bar that you can use to easily locate the video game content of your choice without wasting your time and data subscription scrolling the entire website.

But then to have this awesome experience using Twitch’s App or web platform you have to sign up for a Twitch’s account or sign in with already existing Twitch’s login details.

Twitch Website

The company exists as a standalone app as well as a website. That simply means all you need to access the platform using a browser either from a PC or mobile phone is to visit Twitch’s-official URL at Anything you want, be it what the website is all about and all you can do are all on the website.

Sign Up

Singing up to access your account the platform is simple only if you will follow the instructions I will give below. But most importantly, signing up on the platform is completely at no cost, just a data charge from your data provider.

  1. Visit
  2. Hit the sign up widget.
  3. Fill in the required user details.
  4. Click on the signup button.

Carefully follow any prompt instruction when filling the registration form and make sure you enter your original details. Especially a working email address, as there might need to do a little verification.

Twitch Sign In

Login to access your account on the platform with the following instruction:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Key in your password.
  4. Hit the login button.

Twitch App

Like I rightly mentioned before Twitch’s-App is a standalone version of the company’s platform. this simply means that when you have the App downloaded and installed in your mobile device. You will need no web browser to access the official platform.

Follow the below instructions to download the App:

  1. With an internet-enabled device.
  2. Visit any App store.
  3. Use the search bar on the App Store to find
  4. Tap on the App icon to download.
  5. The App download process should start immediately and install after a successful download.

How Twitch Makes Money

Twitch has three revenue streams:

  • Ads: These are shown whenever you enter a new stream or refresh the page.
  • Turbo Subscriptions: users pay a flat fee monthly to disable ads, plus a few small perks.
  • Partnered Streamers: Users can subscribe to Partnered Streamers and a portion of that money goes to Twitch.

How Twitch Streamers make Money

Asking the question How Twitch Streamers make money? It is very simple as a streamer you get money from subscriptions, donations, and selling merch.

Is Twitch Prime Free: Is Twitch Free?

Twitch Prime is a deal that Amazon offers through its streaming platform, If you have Amazon Prime, you will have an available Twitch’s Prime subscription to any Twitch affiliate streamer of your choosing at no extra cost to you. This sub counts as a regular $4.99 subscription, which gives half to the streamer, and half back to Twitch’s

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