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YouTube Audio Library: YouTube Audio Library Download

The YouTube Audio Library offers over 150 royalty-free instrumental backing tracks for you to use in videos uploaded to the YouTube platform (or wherever else you choose). The amazing thing is, free royalty tracks are been uploaded on the library on a daily basis. To increase your video effect and uniqueness you will need to download a track of your choice on the audio library feature platform of YouTube.

YouTube Audio Library

Often time people get into the copyright dilemma when a video is uploaded to their YouTube channel. But that is history is this new YouTube feature AudioLibrary gives you a whole lot of collection of soundtracks and effect that makes your video stand out from others. You need to know that a video with a soundtrack or music rarely makes an impact. Let’s face it, if you come across a video on YouTube that has no audio would you spend a second watching it. Yes, I know some people may watch because of their interest in the visual than audio but then, that happens when the video has a text embedded on it. However, when we talk about adding a soundtrack to your video using the YouTubeAudio library feature. Make sure it’s a soundtrack that enhances your video performance. But then to access the audio library you will need a YouTube Account.

YouTube Account: How to Set Up a YouTube Account

Accessing the audio library is easy and simple at no cost, only that a YouTube account is needed. But not to worry. Creating a YouTube account is very easy and simple. Follow the below steps:

  1. With your web browser, visit
  2. On the YouTube home page, locate and click the “Sign Up” button.
  3. Fill the registration form with valid personal details.
  4. Provide all the instructions displayed on the screen, and accept the terms of use, the privacy policy of the platform.
  5. Check the terms and privacy box and continue.
  6. Follow the rest of the instructions carefully and you would have created a YouTube account.

YouTube Audio Library: How to Gain Access to the YouTube AudioLibrary Feature

The effect and soundtracks you download from the audio library platform are completely free. At this point, I will show you how to access the audio library feature to start creating unique YouTube videos.

Here is the instructions:

  1. With an internet-enabled phone.
  2. Open a web browser.
  3. Enter the YouTube official audioLibrary web page in the address bar “”.
  4. Navigate using the scroll down button to access free music.
  5. Click on the “Sound Effect” tab to download the free Sound effect.

YouTube Audio Library Download

With the audio library, you can share and download thousands of music and sound effect. You can even add some sound effects to your YouTube videos to make it unique and more impactful. To download music and sound effect visit with your web browser to download as many soundtracks as you can.

YouTube Audio Library Sound Effects

The sound effects found on the YouTubeAudio music library makes copyright content unique in its way. That doesn’t mean that this website permit uploading copyright content on YouTube. However, there are some messages you might come across on the YouTube channel which you would want to add and convey in a different way that makes a better and more meaningful sense. In that case, you will need an Audio Library sound Effects to do that.

YouTube Audio Library on iPhone

The questions are – can you access the audio library on the iPhone? Yes, you can, you do that through the web browser. With your internet-enabled in your iPhone enter the following audio library URL in your address bar “”.

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