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YouTube Sales Funnel | How to Create a YouTube sales funnel that Works

Want to get the best out of YouTube? Are you indecisive on what type of videos to make and upload on your YouTube channel?  I’ll share with you the different types of video content you can create for a YouTube sales funnel.

YouTube Sales Funnel

Before you can create a YouTube sales funnel, you must have a clear understanding of the type of videos you want to put out for your audience as well as the different stages of the marketing funnel from the top to the bottom.

YouTube Sales Channel Level 1: The top funnel

The top funnel is where you create awareness for your consumers and help them identify any challenges they may be most likely to encounter. You have to educate them about the problem they may encounter at this stage and why your solution is ideal for them.

You can proceed in creating educational videos as your potential customers may lack proper information about a product they are going for. An educational or explainer video that is concise, short and answers frequently asked questions they might have makes you become their person of preference and gives them an overall understanding of your product.

YouTube Sales Channel Level 2: The middle funnel

This funnel is the second stage of your sales funnel. It is at this stage you formally introduce your product as the best among similar products of its kind which may exist in the same market. In this funnel, you would explain how your products function, its distinct characteristics and why it works the way it does.

An efficient way of doing this is by creating a tutorial video which would throw more light on your product and can help convert prospective customers who are still considering their options in the market place to potential and buying customers. The video shouldn’t belong, it is advisable that the video is capped at 5 minutes maximum.

YouTube Sales Channel Level 3: The bottom funnel

This can also be known as the decision – making a funnel. It is at this funnel you move in hard for your sales, hence you have to develop and improve your video content to influence the decisions of prospects to purchase your product and convert them to customers.

This can be done by improving and reinventing the videos you shared in the middle funnel to make the customer go for the buy-in. ways of doing such are by creating a demo video of your product.

This video would contain things you’ve shared from your top funnel to the middle funnel. A demo video should contain tutorials about your products, educate them on how to use it, the importance and why it is the best in the marketplace.

Another way of influencing a prospect decision is by uploading video testimonial of previous satisfied customers as this gives prospect reassurance and social proof about your business.

Now that you know how to create funnels to generate sales on YouTube, the next stage is how to develop the right content for your YouTube channel to generate more lead, hence sales.

Plan your Video Content

Knowing where your market is the first step that can guide you in planning the type of content you want to produce. For beginners, you need to grow and build your audience base by creating awareness on YouTube and this can be done by developing content that can be shared and viewed easily.

Your channel grows over time as you do so and as such, you plan the content to produce for each of your sales funnel. Contents in your funnel can be shared in the 40:40:20 proportion ratio.

You can try making content at the top of your funnel more at the top and fewer at the bottom of your funnel as only a few percentages make it to the bottom and become actual buyers.

Optimize your Videos to Increase Watch Time

Just like Google, YouTube is also a search engine and it is the second-largest in the world, hence you have to use creative keywords in your video description so that they are catchy to the eyes and can cause an audience to click on it to watch.

The more your video is watched, the higher it ranks on YouTube. To optimize your videos to increase watch time, you need to know that you’ll have competitors, so avoid too many flashy intros and give your audience more concise information they require, explain to them why watching your video would be worth their time as you are going to add value to them.

Generate Traffic for your Videos

The best way to do this is at the top of your funnel and you need to discover where your potential audience is and try as much as you can to get in front of them with a deal to watch your content. Generating traffic can be difficult and easy at the same time if you use the right technique.

An easy way to do this is by using the search engine and research what your audience are finding answers to their questions, go to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs and promote your videos across these platforms.

This generates more lead faster for you as you are not limited to only YouTube, but you have a wider scope and reach. You can also use sponsored ads on these various platforms to promote your content.

You pay a little amount for these various social media channels to promote your content for you and you can choose the number of days, target audience and time of the day you want your ad to run. This is the most efficient way to generate traffic for your videos.

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