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Sales Funnel | 3 Ultimate Sales Funnel Guide and Examples (From Sales Pros)

Social media marketing is a digital marketing strategy that makes use of social media platforms to generate traffic and increase sales of goods and services. To get to that point where customers buy your product and service, you must create a good sales funnel.

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel | How to Create a Sales Funnel that Works

Is there a one, two, or ten ways process to create a sales funnel that converts? If there is how do I go about creating one……..

You are on the right web post, by the time you go through this post, you would have discovered how to create new sales funnels, stages in creating sales funnels, and the four constituents of a good sales funnel.

A practical methodology by marketing pros…..

What Is Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel can be said to be the path your customer’s pass-through from the point where you make your brand, goods & services aware to them to where they pay for such goods & services.

3 Key Social Media Funnel Practices

There are lots of social media marketing tools ranging from LinkedIn ads, email marketing, SEO, Twitter ads, Facebook posts, search ads, YouTube pre-roll, etc. With the availability of these many tools/marketing channels.

Pick the ones that are best suited for your sales funnel. One way of doing this is by knowing the customers you are most likely to have and set up goals you want your brand to achieve and strategies on how to accomplish such goals.

The diagram below illustrates the flowchart of how your social media funnel should look like and how to build a social media marketing funnel that works.

  1. Create Awareness

This is a way of introducing your brand to the world. To do this, you need to run social media ads such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn Ads. Customers need to get familiar with your brand as this is the first step to building a new strong relationship.

Creating awareness is a never-ending journey but your brand needs to stay relevant in the minds of your customers else it would fade away into obscurity. Customers prefer brands they hear of repeatedly because it creates a kind of trust within them and eventually they patronize your brand even if it’s for the first time.

  1. Monitor and measure key metrics

You might be relaxed that your content is making an impact and creating an impression on your customers, but there might be a porthole in between. If you’re trying to create awareness or get people to subscribe to your blog.

Assign key metrics on each stage of your sales to funnel to monitor the engagement statistics, several clicks, and the state of health of your funnel and also to diagnose areas where issues may or have arisen. You can use benchmarks to compare your brand with your competitors to see how well you are doing or the need to buckle up more.

  1. Test run everything over

After you’ve set-up your sales channel, “Test run it”, apply new ideas to it and test run it again. It might seem difficult at first, but as you keep on making an effort and using the “trial and error” methods, you’ll discover more tricks to boost and improve your social media sales funnel. Also note that as you try out new ideas, ensure you make use of your key metrics to analyze and give you a more detailed result on what works and what fails.

Here is a “Quick list” on how to create a fresh sales funnel

  • Identify who is your audience and study their behavior.
  • Be appealing and Grab your audience’s attention using different media forms (I covered more on this on the “Create Awareness” title above)
  • Create a Sales Page that sparks the right buying mindset first not on selling. (you are still at the appealing stage, not yet time to sell)
  • Educate your audience about your product and service offers through Drip email outreach
  • Don’t lose hold of your existing audience or customers. Keep the rapport with them.

A sales funnel that works, consist of these 4 things (4 stages of a good sales funnel):

Things #1: Let people discover you (awareness building)

Things #2: Make yourself (product or services) needed by your audience through the value you bring on the table (spark customers’ interest).

Things #3: Inspire a buying mindset through a call to action (create an informed decision) –reasons to buy.

Things #4: Get your audience to act (offer, offer and offer).

In a nutshell:

A good sales funnel must be able to turn;

  1. Visitors (traffic) to an interested lead
  2. Captivated lead to informed decision-makers
  3. Informed decision-makers to action-oriented customers
  4. action-oriented customers to “Purchasers”.

The Sales Funnels Ladder: (in decreasing order)