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Register Novant Health – Novant My Chart Login – Medical Assistance

Novant My Chart; Do you want a health facility that is multi-dimensional? I mean a health facility where you will get a comfortable environment, highly qualified experts, good practice of physicians, OPC-outpatient center, and quality medical facilities and equipment.Novant My Chart

If that’s what you want, then you are in the right place. I will tell you about a health facility that can meet all your expectations and even exceed them.   Novant Health is top-notch in quality health care delivery. Each department here offers very excellent services.

Also, the employees here are highly committed to discharging their functions. This firm has the very best medical facilities and equipment. To top it all, your hospital experience will not be stressful as they have arrangements in place to take all the stress away from you.

With their online portal, registered patients can easily schedule appointments, check their test results and do a lot more. However, to enjoy these benefits, you must first register for an online account with them. Take the steps below to register for an online account.

How to register for My Novant for Online Medical Assistance

Start by going to with any device that has an internet connection.

In the main page, click on the “Register Now” button on the right side of the page. After that, click it to proceed with registration.

On the next pages, fill the registration form by enrolling your personal details like your name, email address, phone number, and others.

Carefully review all the terms and conditions and insert your answer in the respective field.

Lastly, write a captcha to validate your identity and click on the “Submit” button.

Get access to your personal health record and other resources with MyChart

Do you need a safe and up-to-date tool for managing your health? If yes, MyChart is your best choice. It is not only secure but an easy tool for managing your health. You can use this software on any device such as a phone, tablet, or desktop computer. This service is open 24/7 and you can access it from any location. Many patients use MyChart to find a doctor, see their medical records, schedule and participate in a video visit with a healthcare provider, and many more.

What you can do with MyChart conveniently:

Patients can take advantage of the following:

  • View laboratory test results
  • View your recent clinic visits
  • Also, Access virtual care options, including e-visits
  • Schedule and participate in video visits with our healthcare providers
  • Email your care team.
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Finally, Schedule appointments with your existing providers.

MyChart app for your mobile device

Novant My Chart mobile app

You can download the app from Google or PlayStore depending on your device. Use the MyChart app to see your lab results, appointment details, current medication, immunization history, and more.

MyChart features

Preventive care

With this software, people can stay up-to-date on recommended preventive care at every age and stage.

Further, the tool tracks recommended vaccines and procedures based on age and health. Also, it sends reminders if you’re overdue for any preventive care measures.

Moreover, it ensures that you’re up-to-date by navigating to “Preventive Care” under the “Health” tab of your MyChart account.

Get started Goals

Do you have wellness goals like losing weight, managing high blood pressure or other conditions? If yes, MyChart’s Goals feature helps you to track your progress. The Goals feature charts completed goals and help you see how well you are doing in achieving the goal.

To access the Goals tool, log in to your MyChart account and go to your “Plan of Care” under the “Health” tab. If you don’t have any goals set, you can set one or speak to your doctor to know which health goal to set.

Check your goals

Manage current health issues using Novant My Chart

Notify your care team about your current health concerns. You can do this by updating your “Current Health Issues” list in MyChart ahead of any appointments or contact with your providers.

Further, to access your health issues listing, log in to your MyChart account and navigate to “Current Health Issues” under the “Health” tab.

Be allergy aware

Please take this seriously. With MyChart, ensure you review and update your allergens listing in a few quick clicks. It is very important for your health care team to know your allergies. This will help them know what to avoid in your health care.

Be conversant with your medical history Through Novant My Chart

For your health future, take some time to get and understand every detail of your medical history.  Knowing how your past — and your family’s past — influences your future equips you to take a more proactive approach to your health today.

Your care team keeps your medical history updated with your test results, procedures, and interviews with you. Moreover,  MyChart permits you to take personal notes for a better understanding of your health condition.


Patients can fill out and sign documents in MyChart.

Use e-signature on many common medical forms like Patient Consent Form, Care Everywhere Authorization, Power of Attorney.

You have access to e-signature from a mobile device or desktop computer when you use e-check in for appointments.

Check-in now

Friends and Family Access

You can give trusted family members and caregivers access to your health records. With this, you can get the help you need. MyChart gives you a way to invite caregivers to see your health records.

To share your records, go to the MyChart website and choose Health > Share My Record > Friends and Family access.

Share your records

On My Way

Do you know that you can find the closest urgent care clinics, walk-in clinics, and emergency departments, along with wait times at each location?

With Novant My Chart, you can schedule an appointment for the next available time slot or add yourself to the list of expected patients. This is easy.

Secure online billing Using Novant My Chart

It is also necessary to have a full summary of all your Novant Health medical bills for the virtual, clinic, and hospital visits, all in one place with MyChart’s secure online billing.

If you want to review charges and make payments from anywhere, log into your MyChart account and choose “Account summary” from the “Billing” tab dropdown in the main menu. Interestingly, patients can access financial assistance and insurance information from the “Billing” tab.


With the eCheck-in, everything becomes simple. You only need to sign important documents and verify your medication list, allergies list, and insurance information with eCheck-in on Novant My Chart. Also, you can make copayments for upcoming visits.

If you want to access eCheck-in from the MyChart website, click the Visits tab and then choose Appointments and Visits. When you reach the Appointments and Visits page, click eCheck-in.

From the MyChart app homepage, click the Scheduled In-Person or Video Visit Appointments icon. Then click eCheck-in for the appointment you wish to check-in for.

Check-in now

Manage your prescriptions Using Novant My Chart

Another interesting feature of this app is that you can manage your prescriptions and tack your treatment details from anywhere and even request prescription refills.

To set this, go to Health > Medications to see all of your current medications in one place. Also, you will see details for each medication, prescribed dosage, instructions, and the physician who prescribed the medication. This helps a.lot especially if you did not get all the details in the beginning.

Also, you can get more details about medication, like precautions to consider when taking the medication and potential side effects, by clicking the Learn More link. To request a refill from the medication list, click Request Refills. The whole process is very simple.

Test results

With MyChart, the moment your test results are out, you will see it. To view the test results, go to Health > Test Results. Choose a test to see more information about it, like the standard range for the result and any additional comments your provider may have entered about the result.

Check your test results on your MyChart account after your physician has reviewed them within one to 12 days.

Contact your care team

You can send a message, get online care and treatment plans and talk face to face over video. You can also arrange to follow up with a doctor in person, this depends on the level of care you need.

Also, you can read any messages sent to you by your doctor or other clinic staff by going to your Inbox (Messaging > Message Center). However, if you’re looking for a specific message, enter keywords in the search field on the Inbox page. For a non-urgent medical question, send a secure message to your doctor. It is easy.

Additionally, you can get help for a minor illness from home by talking with your doctor or another Novant Health provider during a video visit.

Take time to carefully describe your symptoms and medical history in an e-visit using on our comprehensive electronic questionnaire. A Novant Health provider will receive it and use it to evaluate your condition.

Get connected

Use your device’s location settings to notify the front desk about your appointment. Sign or check-in for your appointment with Hello, the patient. After checking in, take a seat and relax. You don’t need to visit the front desk office.

Turn on the auto-arrival feature when you log on to MyChart. Find an alert when you sign in.

Access the auto-arrival setting at any time by clicking the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner of the MyChart mobile app, selecting Account Settings, and making sure the Appointment Arrival option is turned on.

Important Notice

It is very important to carefully review all the terms and conditions to fully understand all the existing rules and regulations for being an e-advisor. However, if you encounter any problem, go to its official site for getting help through FAQs to know about the persisting problems. They will help you resolve it quickly.


How do I sign up for Novant My Chart?

To Sign up for the Novant My Chart Email, simply go to the website above, click on the signup button and follow the prompts. From your account, you can request prescription renewals, schedule appointments with your existing providers, view laboratory test results, and get your health details.

How do I find my chart?

Enter your MyChart Access Code on your After Visit Summary or enrollment letter. Also, enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.  Lastly, enroll your date of birth in the format shown, using 4 digits for the year.

Is there an app for MyChart?

Yes! You can freely download the app from play or Google store for your device. From it, you can view test results, medications, immunizations, past, and future appointments, and more.

How do I print my MyChart results?

To print, click and hold the Ctrl key and the P key at the same time. Then release both keys. A print menu will open.

How do I make a payment on MyChart?

To pay, log into MyChart and click on the My Bills tab. Now, choose the Pay My Bill option. Select your account number and pay with it.

Is Novant Health for profit?

No! It is not. Novant Health is a not-for-profit, integrated healthcare system that serves patients and communities in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Its headquarters is in Winston- Salem, North Carolina, Novant Health is committed to serving approximately 4 million patients annually. It has been up and doing in this regard.

I hope you got value. Please keep your questions in the comments section.