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What is a Patient Portal?

A Patient Portal is a secure website where patients come to access their personal health information. Thus, the good thing is that it’s open for 24hours and is well convenient. Therefore, you just need an internet connection.What is a Patient Portal?

What health information can a patient view exactly?  Of course, once you have secured a username and password, you can view health information as follows:

  • Recent doctor visits
  • Discharge summaries
  • Medications
  • Immunizations
  • Allergies
  • Lab results

0f course, this is an improved way to handle the healthcare of patients. Above all, it is time-saving and can be accessed at any time. With this website, patients get to take a more active role since they know their health status.

Furthermore, patient portals are mainly used to retrieve lab results, update patient profiles, etc. In addition, patients come here to seek answers to their questions. On the other hand, you can schedule an appointment and pay bills on this platform. Of course, that is amazing.

Benefits of Patient Portal  

There are a whole lot of advantages that this patient portal provides to patients. Thus, this technology has really added to world health.

  • The Efficiency of health records has increased.

Any health care office with a patient portal can testify to efficiency in communication between the patient and the office. Above all, it saves time for both parties. This has made records of errors less.

In fact, patients now have direct access to their providers faster than ever. So, they can book for appointment on time before visiting the clinic.

  • When you use a patient portal in your office, it gets to hype your office as one of the best and serious health line centers to be. More so, it streamlines the workflow of information in your office. So, everyone can now focus on their line to fix things in order.
  • Medical errors are reduced. For instance, all the information will not be sorted out by the nurse in charge. Rather, the information recorded will come from the patient’s mouth. Thus, they will handle it online of course, maybe on call.
  • You reduce crowded patients. That is to say, patients don’t have to leave for your office without tangible issues since minor problems can be handled online. If otherwise, or be a need to visit, it will be on the scheduled plan.

Common Features of Patient Portal

  • Patient Registration form
  • File repository – This enables patients to view, download or transmit their laboratory results and medical data
  • Direct Messaging- This will enable patients to have direct emails and messaging with the care provider
  • Financial Functions – This enables you to view e-statements, make payments and receive receipts and check billable physician hours
  • A dashboard for reports on the metrics of the clinic.
  • A patient Management tab to handle patient’s medical records such as the last date of visitation, etc
  • patient condition reporting
  • quality and outcomes dashboards

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