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Promote Articles | 5 Ways to Promote Your Content & Grow Readership

This post shares five ways to promote articles and make it go viral as well as earn tons of traffic. The traffic can be turned to leads and customers if well managed. Let’s start with how to promote your content and show off your writing expertise to gain more readership.

Promote Articles

#1: Answer Quora questions

Quora is a popular and most visited forum site. Every single question about everything can be found in Quora.

There are questions on every topic under the sun. If you go on Quora, and you start answering questions related to your field that you are more knowledgeable about. And link out to your blog or  Articles related to the particular question answered.

With time and consistency, added with a projection of your professionalism on every answer. Your site will start seeing a lot of traffic.

Quora posts rank for everything in Google. Because of that, you can rightly assume that one of the simplest and easiest ways to get more traffic to your site is by answering Quora questions.

#2: Go live on social media channels

See you don’t need a large social following to go live. All you need is a few followers. And as you go live you can grow over time.

Why go Live? Live videos are super engaging and all social media networks give preferential treatment to videos, especially live videos.

When you go live, you are sure that your video will be displayed to all your subscribers and followers.

#3: Create Appetizer Video

Mobile video is one of the big drills today. If you create a video teaser or what I call appetizer that talks about articles or content. What is new, and why your viewers should check it out, or why they should be patient and wait for next week, they’re more likely to come next week and actually read that blog post.

For instance, whenever Apple launches a new product, the first thing they do is to create an appetizer video. They focus on doing videos and conferences, breaking down what they’re going to release in the future.

These teasers are a great way to create high demand (large hungry customers for the product) right when the product is launched.

Do the same with your content. All there’s – create videos that tease people and let them know what’s coming out in the future. With a list of its key in-demand benefits or solution. This is the best way to promote articles.

#4: Answer questions on social media networks

Be it Facebook or Twitter, users are always tweeting, and asking questions.

Reach out and go into groups. Help a lot of people answer their questions. And see a handful of them follow you.

When you do this on the social web, you’ll find that you’re getting more followers and that way when you release more content, you’ll get more views and more people redirected to your site.

Answering questions on social web pages is a very effective strategy, especially when you do it on competitors’ pages reason been that your competitors already have your ideal audience.

#5: Direct targeting

Here you search for key people in your industry and target them. By including them in your post – through brand mention. When you link out to people, let them know that you linked out to them.

Email them asking to share your content. A good number of them may not share but few will.

Direct outreach works perfectly well if you take your time and reach out to people that will boost your page visibility, through extra shares, you will indeed promote your articles.