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Facebook Dating: What Facebook Users Need to Know

Facebook Dating is currently the talk of many Facebook users especially those who are interested in online dating. However, we understand that many people don’t fancy the idea of FB dating or other online dating platforms. But then you can’t ignore the fact that the FB dating platform is still an ideal place to find a dating partner online especially if you are this type that is always glued to your white screen or smartphone. You can hook a partner up and initiate a strong online relationship.

Facebook Dating

All that you need is a Facebook account, a smartphone, or a personal computer. Here is the challenge, many people find it very difficult to locate the dating app or feature on the Facebook platform. That is part of what this post is going to deal with. I bet you many people have used Facebook to even find a prospective partner, so it’s not anything new. You can decide to give it a try or quit reading from here.

Facebook Dating Feature: How Facebook Dating Works

The FB dating platform makes dating features, groups, pages, and dating apps available for its users. Users who are interested in hooking up with date partners online use these available FB dating mediums to find a date on the platform. The amazing thing is that these FB dating tools are made available to users free of charge.

Facebook Dating Pages: How to find Date on Facebook Pages

There are a lot of dating pages on the Facebook platform that offer you dating tips, advice, and many go the extra mile to hooking you up to a partner. So it’s undeniable that dating pages makes finding partners a dream come true. Here is how to find a date using FB dating pages:

  1. With your browser, visit
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Use the search bar and look for the key term “Dating”.
  4. On the results shown, click on pages that have dating or related dating pages.
  5. Like the page to start following it.

Facebook Dating Groups: How to Access Group Dating

Facebook groups and pages are similar and do almost the same thing on the Facebook platform. to access FB dating groups: visit, login, search for “Dating Groups” using the search bar and click “Join” to gain group membership. NOTE: in some groups, membership is gained only when your request to join the group is reviewed and approved by the group admin.

Facebook Dating Apps: How to Use Dating Apps on Facebook

Dating apps just like other means of dating on the Facebook Platform helps you find a date of your interest at no cost. Follow the steps below to find a date of your choice using the dating Apps:

  1. Open
  2. Use the search bar to look for the term “Dating Apps or Dating”.
  3. On the search result, click the “Apps” and click the app icon to use the app.

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