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Facebook Dating Site: What Facebook Users Need to Know

Facebook Dating Site is a web platform created by Facebook to facilitate online dating between interested Facebook users who create a separate dating profile solely for dating. After indicating interest in another profile, the dating site lets users contact each other. With the Facebook dating site, users can connect with people attending the same event make their profiles visible to each other.

In an effort to meet new people, the dating site ensures that users do not match with their already existing friends on the platform, but that users get matched with people who have things in common, as well as mutual friends who are interested in online dating, and who have created a Facebook dating profile as well as a way of indicating interest that they are in search of online dating partners.

Facebook Dating Site

Amazing, Facebook is bringing a whole new feature to the dating site called “Secret Crush”. The secrete crush feature makes it possible for people to get matched with others that they ‘like’. Once two people ‘like’ each other, they will be able to match and potentially talk to each other. Users can select likes based on location, age, religion, height, etc. even to the point of getting matched with users at 100km away from each other.

Facebook Dating Profile

Creating a Facebook Dating profile is what gives you access to using Facebook dating apps, in that, Facebook cannot match anyone who doesn’t register for a dating profile. Because THAT IS THE ONLY WAY Facebook can testify that you are an interested single looking for a date on the platform.

The interesting thing about your dating profile and conversations is that it’s secured and cannot be shared with anyone outside the dating circle. Mind you, your dating profile is completely different from your personal Facebook profile. So don’t get afraid as to messing things up for yourself as not friends get to see you accept they have a dating profile and are looking for who to be matched. To create a Facebook dating profile visit with your web browser. Though still restricted in some countries.

How to Get Started on Facebook Dating Site

Getting started on the Facebook dating site is simple and easy and most importantly free of charge. All you need to do is to sign up for a dating account. sign up is very easy, with internet enable phone or web browser on a personal computer you can sign up using the following URL at Follow the rest of the onscreen instruction and hook up with people of similar interest on the platform.

Facebook Dating Site: Safety Dating Tips

To ensure that dating partners and lovers are safe and secure both online while chatting and when meeting physically. The Facebook dating site also releases a few online dating tips that will help date mates keep safe. To access the dating safety tips visit this URL with your browser at

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