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SEO Backlinks | The Little-known Secrete About Backlinks

Backlinks as SEO rank factor cannot be over-emphasized. To get backlinks is a combination of a different set of SEO skills. Getting people to link to your website is not all there is. What Google needs is quality SEO backlinks (SEO-friendly links).

SEO Backlinks

Organic or search engine traffic and ranking are not possible without quality link generation.

But like I said before becoming an SEO backlink builder requires a set of skills. Starting from sales, programming, content marketing and people management or psychological skill.

This post will unveil 5 step guide you need to build backlinks free. Every step is tried and tested. Working, some are new or little-known strategies that work TODAY.

But that it’s free doesn’t mean it’s easy. It requires tact and patience. While some may yield immediate results on an interval of weeks. You need to give others 30 to 90-days to witness substantial progress.

Before we delve deep, let’s start with the basis…

Every blog you see ranking on Google #1, #2, and #3 have invested time in building quality backlinks.

The first question I would want to address is…..

What is link building?

Link building is following the right strategy (white hat SEO) to earn high-quality links to your site. Getting people to link to your blog content/post.


What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are a set of links from people’s websites to your web pages.

You can call it a citation or reference trigger. It can otherwise be called inbound links. In simple English; backlinks are incoming links that point to your web pages from other sites.


How do backlinks Work?

Backlinks are the Google endorsement factor. It guarantees what needs to be shown on the google search result and what not to. It’s a Google acceptable way of authentication. Meaning – is a way to tell Google that a page is relevant and needs to be shown to as many as possible.


Is your Blog ready to Get Backlinks?

The first thing in the game of SEO is not to jump into becoming a backlink builder. Is it a good thing? Yes! But not a good start.

There are other things to put into consideration before beginning your journey to link building for SEO.

Other Google Key Factor

Yes, we have told you that backlinks are google rank factors, but the user experience is your visitors staying and returning power. So if your site is messed up. Even when Google sends traffic to it. They will bounce back. Funny enough Google can as well down-rank you for high bounce rate if you ranked already.

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