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Link Building Strategies | 5 Step Process to Link Building

You have heard that backlinks are one of the Google major Ranking factors. Yes! It is. Now you know. What link building strategies would you apply to generate tons of links to your site and as well increase your traffic?

That is what this post will help you figure out.

Link Building Strategies

Link Building Strategies | 5 Google Rank Booster (Super Rank Tricks)

Here in this post, I will show you link building strategies most bloggers ignore. Yet it’s an effective backlinks tactic.

Here are 5 techniques to link Building:

  1. Get links from Board of Trade

Board of trade, otherwise called the chamber of commerce is a network of businesses in a particular region or locality.

Let’s say you have a blog and you belong to a local chamber of commerce that has a standalone website. It’s easy to get a link. And most times links from such networks are relevant. Because it’s related to your industry.

It can also drive traffic of similar interest of people to your blog.

To get a link; all you need is to contact the President, CEO or the Executive Director or even staff in charge. Ask for a link back to your site.

  1. Business/Company Directory Submissions sites

Submit your blog or site to company/business directories.

But focus on directories relevant to your blog or sites.

Powerful backlinks that Google considers as high ranking backlinks are relevant sites.

For instance, my blog covers Tech, Software and Digital marketing. If you want to get backlinks from company directories. I will search for SEO companies, digital agencies and a lot more related directories.

  1. Leverage Crowdsourced content

When you are invited to crowdsourced posts for contribution. Don’t hesitate to write a response.

It wouldn’t take you much time to respond to a post. But most times respond with a case study, not your opinion. Except if you are an already recognized authority in an industry.

  1. RSS Feed Techniques

If you run a blog that uses a content management system like WORDPRESS, MEDIUM, etc. then you have an RSS feed. But if you don’t create one.

But what does RSS feed got to do with link building?

RSS feed helps to spread your blog links by scrapers.

Scarpers still blog post without permission or even linking to the original site. But what they often forget is that as they publish your post. They post has your internal links on the body of the post.

That way the links in your copy, links the scrapers sites back to your website.

  1. Write Unrelated Niche post

You can get links from a niche that is not directly related to what you sell.

The question is how does that help build backlinks?

You need to know that most people that are interested in your product and services have other unrelated sites, forums or blogs they hang out.

Look for those places they hang out and write a creative blog post or content that will bring about links to your site.

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