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5 Link Building Strategy Every Beginner Needs (New Blogs)

Here in this post, I will introduce you to 5 major ways you can build or generate backlinks (Google super rank factors) to your newly launched blog or website. I show you proved link building strategy startups have used in the past 2 years to generate tons of outbound links to their website.

Link Building Strategy

Beginner’s Proven Link Building Tactics and Tips

It’s no more news that building quality links help increase search engine rankings.

5 Link Building Strategy Every Beginner Needs (New Blogs)

Here are seven ways to go about building backlinks:

  1. Leverage your Network

Ask people in your circle of influence for links.

As more businesses and people understand the importance of online presence. The rate of a blog or website owners increases.

With that–it’s easier to ask friends, relatives, employees, colleagues, and people you have come across before. Even people on your social handle for links.

But remember, you can only request from websites and blogs related and relevant to your industry.

Relevancy is important because it’s the dominant factor for high, low or no result. Even if you build thousands.

You wouldn’t be asking a glossary store to link to your health blog. There have nothing in common.

  1. Create Email Outreach

Reach out to other bloggers in your industry, they might be your competitors or average blogs in your market niche.

When you have discovered them. Don’t go sending them tons of email to link to your website. Majority if not all will never take your email messages seriously. Not to think of linking to your site.

Here is what to do:

  • Go through their post and know if you can find a reference, statistics, or any information that is outdated.
  • Write a thorough blog post on that information.
  • Send them an email appreciating their work (the particular post), what was outdated or addition that gives depth to their content. Attach a link to the post you created. And ask them to link to it.
  1. Link out Alumni websites

You can request a link out from your Alumni sites. Maybe a college site, Non- governmental organizations.

Most of these sites create a section on their website for their Alumni. With a link out to their websites, blogs or social media handles. Leverage that.

  1. Blog Commenting

Yes, we understand that blog comments have no direct impact on links back to your site.

But there are ways to get on the screen of blogs related to your industry.

The true reason for blog comment is to build a relationship with bloggers and readers in your industry.

Though it takes time and consistency.

But you must stand out by providing quality and valuable comments. To build trust and credibility bloggers and readers must see you as an expert in that niche.

Before you will know it bloggers will start linking to you. And bloggers will as well ask you to write a guest post on their site. And readers will start looking for ways to visit your blog. Your traffic will skyrocket.

  1. Get Links from Blog Directories

Submit your best blog posts to different blog directories.

Doing that will list your posts and drive readers to your site and links.

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