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White Hat SEO | SEO Guide to SEO Guide First Page in 90 days

This post will show you how to do SEO the right way, without breaking the rules. Other words called white hat SEO.

But before we continue let’s look at some SEO terms: White hat SEO, gray hat SEO, and black hat SEO. We will also look at the difference between each approach and the best approach to follow.

White Hat SEO

What is white hat SEO?

White Hat SEO simply means – doing SEO the right way.

White hat SEO, as opposed to black hat, refers to any practice that improves your search rankings on search engine results page SERPs while keeping the integrity of your website and staying within the search engines’ terms of service. These tactics stay within the bounds Google set rules.

How to Do White Hat SEO

Doing white hat SEO is writing blog content or post for people and Google. On the side of people, you write quality and value-based content while on the side of Google you optimize your content for ranking.

Blogging for people include:

  • Creating quality content
  • Good site load time
  • Optimize for Mobile (your site should be mobile-friendly)
  • Easy navigation (people should find what they want easily)

Blogging for Google include:

  • Keyword sprinkling
  • Inbound links (linking to another post in your site)
  • External links (backlinks generation)

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a violation of search engine rules, to rank higher in search results. Within a short time without offering value. These unethical tactics don’t solve searcher problems rather aim at manipulating search engine algorithm to rank higher than real value-based sites. Black hat techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private link networks.

Gray Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is slightly shady SEO tactics. Though not outrightly against search engine rules. But also non-compliance to the search engine rule. While they last more than the Black Hat SEOs. They soon get caught and banned in the future.

White Hat SEO | SEO Guide to Dominate Google First Page in 90 days

Let’s get straight to the point.

Here I will discuss 5 white hat SEO strategies you need to rank on Google search results.

Here is the list before we dig deep…

  • Start with Keywords researching
  • Write an epic content
  • Focus on On-Page-SEO
  • Refocus to Off-Page-SEO (backlinks)
  • Give your Visitors their Time (user experience)
  1. Keyword research

The first thing to do in keyword research is to look for queries your customers are looking for on Google.

Steps to keyword research:

How and where to find relevant keywords:

Step #1: Find long-tail keywords – you don’t want to go for short competitive keywords first. Go for keywords that there is a probability of ranking on Google’s first page.

Use Google suggest, and tools like Ubbersuggest, keyword everywhere to do your keyword research.

Step #2: find a keyword your competitors already rank for – find three competitors in your industry. Type in their domain name on Ubbersuggest or SEMrush. Get the list of keywords they already rank for.

Step #3: Search Keyword from Forums and online communities – use online communities Reddit to find a keyword. Just look for phrases people repeat often and look them up on google.

Step #4: Google free Keyword Research tool (Google Console) look for keywords with the highest impression on the performance report.

  1. Epic Content

You have heard repeatedly that content is (king) everything –right… yes; you have.

Google is concerned about user experience. Meaning they want to rank content they feel it satisfy what their users are looking for. So they are after content that covers a whole topic. Not 5 ways to SEO.

To create content that covers everything about that topic. That way searchers are satisfied and Google ranks your content. How does Google know when your content satisfies searchers’ intent?

They do that by checking “Dwell time”, “Bounce Rate” where the searchers go to through your page.

  1. Focus on On-Page-SEO

You hear about title tags and Meta descriptions. That is not all there is to On-Page-SEO.

Yes, you need to use a good title tag and a compelling Meta description. But helps to boost your click-through-rate and as well helps Google understand what your content is about.

There is more.

That more, is what will show you now…..

  • Make sure your URL bears your page Title. It makes Google understand your page content better.

So keep your page URL short and make sure your Title (page URL) contains your primary and secondary keyword.

  • Another On-Page-SEO factor is internal linking.
  • Use your primary keyword, its synonym, and its variations naturally in your copy. Don’t stuff them around your content. Use it only when necessary. (Preferably at the beginning of your content); the first paragraph, in the H2 tag and the body.
  • Use your target keyword to optimize your image alt
  1. Off-Page-SEO (backlinks)

Yes, it’s time to look at those things outside that contribute to ranking on Google – Off-Page-SEO. Specifically backlinks.

One of the Google rank factors is backlinks.

Let’s talk about white hat SEO backlinks technique #1 (gaining link naturally):

Step #1: Check Google’s first page and see what content that’s ranking already (check the top 10 content).

Step #2: analyze what is common among them.

Step #3: write similar content but be more thorough and better.

That way when you’re content to get published people will naturally link to you.

White hat SEO Backlinks technique #2 (Brocken Link Building):

Step #1: go look for a site you want linking to your page.

Step #2: use a backlink checker tool like “check my links” to scan pages in that site that relate to the post you want linked to.

Step #3: reach out to the owner of the site with an email, reminding them of a broken link and suggest a page in your site that would replace the broken link.

  1. Give your Visitors their Time (user experience)

Google is after your site architecture and user intractability. As that determines whether visitors will stay or leave your site immediately they visit. Everyone wants something quick and fast. Make sure your site loads fast. This can make people leave your site immediately.

No one likes sluggishness in this Nanotech age. If you already ranking, a high bounce rate can make Google drop your page.

How to glue visitors to your post

ONE: Start with an introduction that informs your visitors what they will get from the post. Don’t be vague, plainly tell them what the post is all about.

TWO: Readability is key. No use of complex words or grammar. Make sure a layman understands you. Use a bold text font. Use subheadings. Keep your sentences short. (Not over 6 paragraph).