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Search Ranking | How to Increase your Search Rankings by 33%

In this post, I will introduce Neil’s tactics on increasing search ranking without building links.

According to a post written by Brian Dean – Google has over 200 factors they used to determine a website’s rank.

Starting with the major – content, backlinks, and rank brain.

But there are other major factors that people often neglect or ignore. Either because of ignorance or a share of disbelieving whether it matters.

Search Ranking

Here is the good news…

Google’s big ranking factor is the click-through rate. Very few know this.

But click-through-rate matters much if you are already ranking on Google to ten pages.

It still helps if you are ranking on google page two search results. But more effective on this on page #1.

Take, for instance, when you Google the term “traffic”.

If Google notices that everyone clicks on the third listing, more than the first and the second position listing. Google will move up the third listing to the second position and not too long they will as well move it to the third first.

Google is using a user action or click-through rate to figure out the position a particular search result should rank (where to rank a website).

Search Ranking Growth

You can drastically grow your page to Google’s number one search result for the term you want to rank for. Better still from page to top ten search results.

Shoot up your click-through-rate

To increase your rankings, if you are already ranking #2 to #10 then increase your click-through rates.


There are two fundamental things that control your site or page click-through-rate.

You already ranked on Google. The next thing is – adjust or change your title tag and Meta description. But leave the primary and secondary keyword the same.

Your goal should be to make your title tag and Meta description more appealing, captivating and promise driven.

Tips #1: Use adjectives in your title tag and watch your clicks go up.

Use phrases like getting, try free, best, to increase your click-through rate.

Tips #2: Blend your title to that of top paid listing in Google’s first-page result.

To increase your clicks, Google the terms you want to rank for.

Let’s say you want to rank for “email marketing”.

Google it. Look at the top listing paid ads. Adjust your title tag and Meta descriptions to look similar to the paid ads. And watch your clicks go up. The way Google paid ads algorithm works is that the ads that get the most clicks usually are at the top of their result listing.

Monitor Click-through-rate

To monitor your site or page click-through-rate use Google Search Console to view how well your clicks are doing overtime after the changes you made.