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Facebook Group Insight | What Marketers Should Know

Facebook Group Insight – the Facebook group have been reported to be in use more and more with over a billion users using Facebook groups according to a report released by Facebook. If you have a Facebook group you are handling, then you need to take advantage of the new admin features and tools made by Facebook to help you spice up your group and increase your group engagement.

Facebook Group Insight

Facebook Group Insight

This is a tool provided by Facebook that is located at the left sidebar of the group menu to allow group administrators who have over 250 members, manage their group efficiently and at the same time provide them with analytics about the group over 28-60 days period.

Features of Facebook Group insight Tool

Here are some important features of Group insight tool:

Group Members Details

This feature allows you to view all the members in your group, their posts, comments and contributions with a ranking of those who are the highest contributors. It also provides you with statistics of each member including location, gender, age, place of work as well as keeping track of new members who joined the group with the past 28 days.

This demographic data can be used by a business individual or salesperson to get their target audience in the group.

Group Engagement

By clicking on engagement details on your group insight, you can view the number of posts that have been made in the group and the engagement they’ve reached throughout 28-60days depending on the date selection range you specify.

It also provides you with details of members who are active in the group as well as the time and the days in the week where members are most active, their likes and comment.  These demographics can be useful in determining the appropriate time and day to post content to achieve maximum engagement.

Downloads Details

The download details button can be located at the top right corner of your group insight. By clicking on it, it brings you a spreadsheet of all items in your group insight within the past 28 days.

The spreadsheet would contain detailed analytics of activities that occurred in your group which includes: top contributors, active days of the week, active times of the days in the week, old and new members demographics, all posts in the group, daily activities (number of likes, comments, members, post).

Some other features added by Facebook that marketers and group admins need to know when managing their groups include:

Membership Request Filter

This section shows you the number of members you have approved, declined and block. It also gives you a notification for new members who are requesting to join the group. You can then take a look at the requesting member profile and choose the action you desire either to approve or decline their request. This tool helps the admin to remove people who may want to scam and spam the group.

Scheduled Post

Schedule post option allows you to organize and schedule the time of the day when you can publish your post. This allows you to remain active in the group even when you’re not online and hence, enhances communication and increases the group activity.

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