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Facebook News Feed | The New Update | How to View Past News Feed

A Facebook news feed is the welcome page that is displayed to you when you log in to your Facebook account.

The newsfeed is your information dashboard where you get all the updates about what your Facebook friends are doing, group updates, and likewise updates on pages you follow or like.

Facebook News Feed

The newsfeed helps filter post from all your friends and display them on a single page for you to view so you don’t have to go through the stress of going through all your friend’s timeline to know what they’ve posted recently.

To have access to the Facebook news feed, you must be a registered member of Facebook. Creating a Facebook account is easy to create and doesn’t require much of the user to do so.

It comes with many advantages such as making voice and video calls for free, you would only be charged by your network carrier for data you use in accessing the Facebook platform.

How to Add New Friends and Join Pages and Facebook Groups

Your newsfeed would be filled with information from the pages you follow, friends you have, and likewise groups you follow on Facebook.

These people play a major role in what you get to see on your newsfeed as your news feed will not provide you with information outside the people and groups you have as connections except Facebook ads. To add more content to your newsfeed simply follow the steps below.

  • Go to and log in to your Facebook account. If you don’t have an account with Facebook, you can easily sign up for one.
  • Once logged in, click on the search bar on the top of your screen and enter the name of any person or group you would like to search for.
  • From the results, you can choose the people you want to add as friends or click on pages and groups to filter your search

How to Get on your Facebook News Feed: Accessing both New and Old News Feed

To access your Facebook newsfeed, you must first sign in to your account after which you would be redirected to a new page filled with pictures, memories, updates, and recent friends activities and group plus page activities.

The news feed home page displays both recent and old activities from friends, groups, and pages you’re a member of.

If you encounter issues accessing your newsfeed after signing in, simply visit the official Facebook website and you’ll be redirected instantly to your newsfeed.

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