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How to Make Page on Facebook for Business

Every brand needs an online presence to thrive. You either tap into the endless opportunity available through social media networking sites to create a brand presence and market your products and services or you get stocked in your local environment. That is to say, learning How to Make Page on Facebook for Business is something you should know.

How to make a page on Facebook for business

How to make a page on Facebook for business is a Facebook feature made available by Facebook for marketers, advertisers, companies, and businesses who want to grow their customer base, increase customer engagement, create business, brand, product, or service awareness and build a strong fan base.

The Page feature gives you an advantage over the personal account feature. However, to what use is it if you don’t know how to make a page on Facebook for business.

This post will not only show you how to make a page on Facebook for business but as well take time to teach you how to sign up for a personal account. because without a Facebook personal profile you won’t be able to make a page on the Facebook platform for your business.

Facebook Sign Up: How to Create Facebook Account

The process is simple and easy. follow the below instructions to create your personal Facebook account.

  • Make sure your device is internet-connected then seek the URL
  • Locate on the welcome page the “Sign Up” button. If you can’t find the “sign up” button, then tap on any other button or link suggesting that you can create a new account. You should note that if any account has already been logged in, you will have to log it out for you to find the “Sign Up” button.
  • By now, you should already be on the Facebook registration form page. Simply fill the form and enter your contact address.
  • Confirm your contact address and you should be automatically logged in your new account.

You would need to add some friends so you can have a regular newsfeed. Also, try to keep your login password simple to recall but difficult for others to recall.

How to Make a page on Facebook for Business

Making pages for business is easy and simple. Like it’s as easy as the process you just passed to create a personal account. The slight difference is the type of information supplied.

  • Go to on any internet-connected device.
  • Login your account by entering the login details on the welcome page and hitting “login”.
  • Tap on “Pages” from your menu icons or the left sidebar depending on your device.
  • Hit the “Create Page” button afterward and then on “Get Started” o the business or brand section.
  • Enter the name you wish to give the page and select a category theist describes the page.
  • Hit on the continue button and follow the onscreen instruction afterward.
  • In a short while, you will be redirected to the admin page of the page you just created.

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