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Page on Facebook for Business: How to Create a Business Page | Facebook Sign Up

Page on Facebook for Business is a Facebook feature that allows individuals who run any kind of business venture or enterprise to let people see what they do. But letting people know about what they do isn’t enough if the people don’t end up as customers.

Page on Facebook for Business

Page on Facebook for Business makes customer engagement easy and helps to foster a trustworthy relationship between a brand and business with a potential customer and an existing customer on the platform.

With a business page, you can share all forms of media content about your products and service which in turn helps to increase your audience engagement.

Creating a page on Facebook for Business is not that simple as many don’t know how to go about creating one. It is to that effect that this post exists. To help you create a business page on the Facebook platform.

However, to create a business page you will need to first create a personal account on the platform. In case you haven’t created a Facebook personal account before. Below is a guide to put you through.

Facebook Sign Up: Creating a Facebook Personal Account

The steps are easy and simple to follow. By the time you are through creating a personal account. Facebook will grant you access to create a business page. Follow the instruction below to create a personal Facebook account:

  • Make sure your device is internet-connected then seek the URL
  • Locate on the welcome page the “Sign Up” button. If you can’t find the “sign up” button, then tap on any other button or link suggesting that you can create a new account. You should note that if any account has already been logged in, you will have to log it out in order for you to find the “Sign Up” button.
  • By now, you should already be on the Facebook registration form page. Simply fill the form and enter your contact address.
  • Confirm your contact address and you should be automatically logged in your new account.

Page on Facebook for Business: How to Create Facebook Business Page

Creating a business page is can be likened to creating a personal account. just a slight difference in the information required by Facebook for your business account.

  • Go to on any internet-connected device.
  • Login your account by entering the login details on the welcome page and hitting “login”.
  • Tap on “Pages” from your menu icons or the left sidebar depending on your device.
  • Hit the “Create Page” button afterward and then on “Get Started” o the business or brand section.
  • Enter the name you wish to give the page and select a category theist describes the page.
  • Hit on the continue button and follow the onscreen instruction afterward.

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