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People use PayPal to send or receive payments, purchase or sell goods and services, make or accept cash donations, and exchange cash. However, is PayPal safe and secure is one of the question users keep asking.

Is PayPal Safe and Secure? straightforwardly PayPal has a secure and encrypted website. As long as you have a secure connection to PayPal’s site, any information you exchange is hidden from other users.

Is PayPal Safe and Secure


Users can send funds to anyone that has an email address. In order to receive the funds, you must create a free basic personal PayPal account.

You can link your PayPal account with your bank account for free, and with your credit card for an additional fee (2.9% of the selling price plus a fixed fee depending on the type of currency used).

There is no fee for users wishing to send money; however, there is a fee associated with members who wish to receive payment.

PayPal Account

Here I will discuss the three different account types PayPal offers depending on what you do with the PayPal platform.

There are 3 types of PayPal accounts:

  1. Personal Account- This account is free. This type of account is recommended for individuals who want to shop and pay online or share expenses online.
  2. Premier Account- This account is geared to casual online sellers. This account is recommended for sellers who want to get paid online as well as make online purchases.
  3. Business Account- This account is recommended for eCommerce merchants who actively sell online. A big benefit of this type of account is that 200 employees can be allowed on the account and can respond to customer inquiries.

Is PayPal Safe and Secure?

Data Security- PayPal has a secure and encrypted website. As long as you have a secure connection to PayPal’s site, any information you exchange is hidden from other users.

PayPal has industry-standard security measures and even offers financial rewards to anyone who can find vulnerabilities.

With any online financial transaction, there are certain precautions to take to ensure safety. Keeping your software up to date on your computer and mobile device will limit risk.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi when managing or viewing PayPal.

If you are out and about it is recommended to use mobile data. Using a credit card versus a debit card will increase safety as well.

PayPal also offers a buyer protection program. While it is not guaranteed PayPal will reimburse you, it is important to report transactions quickly. This program allows you to reverse charges if the seller fails to deliver what was promised.


There are some different risks associated with sellers using PayPal. Disputed charges are the biggest issue. Customers can easily dispute charges and claim that goods never arrived or that sellers did not provide exactly what was promised.

Being that PayPal typically sides with customers, sellers need solid proof to plead their case and have PayPal rule in their favor.

In order to limit this risk, it is important for sellers too, the only ship to verified addresses, require signatures for expensive items, clearly, explain in product listings what you’re selling accompanied with photos of the product, and communicate with unhappy customers promptly.

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