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Buying Likes on Facebook: Buy Facebook Page and Post Likes

Buying Likes on Facebook is important because it helps to validate your business. A post or content with higher likes will easily be on top of feeds as well it keeps attracting more eyeballs from time to time.

This is because people will curious to find out why that certain post gets more likes indirectly means more people agree with that post. But remember that it will still depend on your content itself.

That is why people always mention that content is king. Often times people ask – is buying Likes on Facebook Worth it? Yes and No. By the end of this article, you will find out why my answer is Yes & No.

Buying Likes on Facebook

Apart from that, the bunches of Facebook likes is good for brand recognition and familiarity. That’s why you will need to know how to get likes on Facebook. When your brand is recognized by others, each time you post, there will be no problem to get a higher amount of likes, shares and so on.

Just think about the exposure that your post will receive if you buy likes on the Facebook page, it will be awesome!

Buying Likes on Facebook: How to get a More Likes on Facebook

In this post, I will share two major ways you can buy likes on Facebook Page and Post.

#1: Likes Exchange

You can exchange likes with other users. How it works is like you need to install an app, then like other Facebook posts in order to earn coins and then use the coins to redeem free likes to your own Facebook post.

#2: Buying Likes

You can buy likes from them. This one is suitable for those who want to avoid the hassle of exchanging on the app. After you place an order, the campaign will run immediately to help get likes for your Facebook post. After payment, you will receive a dashboard where you can monitor progress, approve deliverables, and report any issues.

How Much Does a Like Cost on Facebook?

The cost of buying a like on Facebook depends immensely on several factors. This talks about three of those important factors that determine how much buying alike is worth.

  1. Your company- the industry your company is in and what you’re selling.
  2. Who your targeting- certain audiences are more expensive than others due to the supply of that user base and demand to advertise against that user base.
  3. Customer demographics- demographics such as location (both state and country) will affect costs.

Here is data from most expensive to least expensive based on CPC:

  • Healthcare $1.27
  • Internet $1.03
  • Telecommunications $0.82
  • Financial Services $0.80
  • Grocery Stores $0.79
  • Conference $0.67
  • Local Services $0.67
  • Housing $0.56
  • Restaurants $0.53
  • Retailers $0.50
  • Startups $0.50
  • CPG $0.38
  • Cosmetics $0.37
  • Travel $0.36
  • E-Commerce $0.31
  • Non-profits $0.29
  • Automotive $0.26
  • Media $0.25
  • Blogs $0.12

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