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Canva App – Canva App Download – How to Use Canva to Create Design Projects – Canva Sign Up – Login

Canva App

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It’s time to up your design skill with Canva. Never a time has graphics design made easy as it is now. With your desktop computer, laptop, and smartphone; Android and iOS; iPhone & iPad, you can design a flyer, logo, book covers, and eBook front and back pages, even business cards and customized wallpaper with your device resolution.

Canva App

With Canva Application available for download on Google Play Store and Appstore you can easily install the app and design just anything on your mobile phone. However, all you can do with Canva lies in creating an account and as well log in with your account credential.

What is Canva App?

it’s a web-based and standalone app deployed on all devices used to create a visual representation of ideas and processes. it can be a flyer, a poster, a mockup, book cover page, logo, video, just anything.

Canva Application – Digital Photoshop – Graphics Design on Smartphone

Canva App gives you access with exceptional templates and layout to come up with just any design that best appeals to you. With design tools on the Canva app, you can create a design from scratch. The tools are self-learnable and easy to use.

How to Use Canva App – How to Use Canva App on Laptop, Instagram & iPhone – Graphics Design with Canva

Do I need Graphics Design experience or knowledge or skill to design on canvas? Asking this question is like saying you need to learn how to walk before you can walk as a baby. Babies learn how to walk by walking. So would you learn to design with the canvas app by designing?

Amazingly, navigation around canva design tool is fun and simple. In such a way that dummies who don’t have any tech skill or professional design skill can use it to design something worthwhile.

Your first Design project with Canva

you can create varieties of projects with canva such as;

  1. Social media
  2. Events
  3. Marketing
  4. Documents
  5. Videos
  6. School
  7. And personal projects

The below instructions is how you will use canva to create your first project or design;

  • Log in to your Canva account, where you’ll see your home screen.
  • Canva home screen
    Scroll through hundreds of templates, or use the Search box to find something specific, and then select the template you want to work with.
  • Select a Canva template or search for a template topic
    To search Canva’s vast photo library, select Photos from the menu on the left. Enter a search term into the search bar to find specific images. Or, simply scroll for some inspiration.
  • Search through Canva’s photo library to select an image
    Filter your search to find only free images, or search by color or several other factors.
  • Filter your image search to find free images.
    When you find an image you wish to use, drag-and-drop the image into your design. Resize or flip your image, change its transparency, and more using the toolbar at the top of your design screen.
  • Add an image to your Canva template
    Does your image have a Canva watermark? If so, it’s a Premium image that you must pay for. Select Remove Watermark to pay for your photo.
  • Once you have your photo where you want it, continue on to add more elements. For example, to add a heading and text, select Text from the toolbar on the left.
  • Canva’s text options
    Drag-and-drop the type of text you wish to use in your design. Move the text box around until it fits your design.
  • Add a text style to your Canva template
    To change the text, double-click the text, then start typing. To change the font, use the menu located in the toolbar at the top of your design screen to select a new font.
  • Change the text style in your Canva template
    Change the text color, spacing, alignment, etc., using the same toolbar.
  • Add an element by selecting Elements from the toolbar on the left.
  • Add an element from the elements menu
    Elements include grids, charts, frames, shapes, gradients, illustrations, lines, and more. To change a shape’s position, select Position, and use the menu to select a new position for your element. Move the element forward or backward between layers.
  • When you’re satisfied with your design, if you want to share it, select Share, then enter an email address. Give recipients permission to edit or simply view.
  • Share your Canva design via email
    To download your design, select the Download icon in the toolbar at the top of your screen and choose your file type.

Canva App Download – How to Download Canva App on Laptop – Canva App for Android – Canva App for Mac – Canva App for Windows

Amazingly, you can use Canva Application across all devices; Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices; iPhone & iPad.

Canva App on Android

How does it feel to design from a smartphone without facing the challenge of coming up with the best design? With millions of canvas users, it became necessary for the Canva Android version to be released. The Android app is available on the play store.

Downloading canva on your Android is through Google play store.

  1. Open Google play store
  2. Use the search bar tool and find Canva
  3. Tap on the install button
  4. Wait for the installation to finish

Alternatively, you can download the Canva app by visiting the canva official page at, tap on the Get app on android and follow the rest of the instructions.

Canva App for Mac

There is a MacBook version of canva that can be download and used to create designs. We will just have to follow these instructions to download;

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Go to Google search engine
  3. Search for canva for Mac
  4. Click on the first result.
  5. On the Download page, tap start download and wait for it to download.

Canva App for Windows

The download instructions below will download Canva for windows desktop app to your laptop or computer.

  1. With google search engine
  2. Search for Canva for Windows desktop app or canva for windows
  3. Tap on the first result
  4. Click on start download in the canva download page

List of Designs You can Create with Canva

  • Poster
  • Presentation
  • Instagram post
  • Video
  • Facebook post
  • Logo
  • Invitations
  • Infographics
  • Facebook cover
  • Cards
  • Flyer
  • Your Story
  • Brochure
  • Photo collage
  • Resume
  • Business cards
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • Blog banner
  • YouTube channel art
  • Book cover
  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • Certificate
  • Menu
  • Letterhead
  • Cd cover
  • ID card
  • Newsletter
  • Calendar
  • Postcard
  • Label
  • Announcement
  • Gift certificate
  • Tag
  • Program
  • Ticket
  • Bookmark
  • Class schedule
  • Report Coupon and lots more

Canva App Login

Canva app presents users with three different login methods; login through canva login credentials created during can sign up, log in through the Facebook profile, and login via Google account. I will simply give you a rundown on how to access canva app through any of these login methods.

On Email

To login with your email address or Canva login credential, you would need to first create Canva account. Below is how to create Canva account.

Canva Sign Up

  • Open the app you downloaded before
  • It will ask you to login or sign up
  • Click on the sign up
  • Fill the sign form
  • Click create account

After which you can now login to canva through your email address following the below guide.

  1. Visit
  2. Tap login
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Key in your password
  5. Hit the login button

On Facebook

To login on canva using your Facebook account, you will need to follow the below process.

  • Open the canva app or visit
  • Navigate and click on the login button
  • You will be given three different login option
  • Tap on login with Facebook
  • It will open up a new tab asking you to enter your Facebook login details, if you are logged in on Facebook already, it will bring up the tab and ask you to continue
  • Click on continue
  • You will be logged in to canva in seconds.

On Gmail

You can also sign in to canva using Google account. The below instruction will help you.

  1. Launch canva app or go to
  2. Hit on the login
  3. Tap on login with Gmail
  4. Provide your email address and password, if you are logged in to your Gmail account already you will be asked to continue
  5. Click on the continue
  6. Next, you are logged in

Canva Log Out

You would be wondering if sign out from the canva app is necessary, of course, it is, as it saves your effort as well as protect from privacy breach especially if you share your device with people.

How to Log out from Canvas account

You can sign out from the canva platform as well as on the canva app.

  1. On your dashboard, tap your profile
  2. From the dropdown menu, hit sign out
  3. Immediately your sign in is terminated

Sign Out from All Devices

You might need to do this as each time you are signed in to all your device you stand the chance of been spotted easily by hackers and online fraudsters. To prevent that, the best security measure is to sign out from all devices.

  1. Click on profile
  2. Select account settings
  3. Navigate to billing & teams tab
  4. Locate the Sign out from all devices and hit it.

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