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Chicago Police Webmail – Chicago Police Webmail Login at CPD

Chicago Police Webmail Login at Webmail.Chicagopolice.Org CPD – Chicago police webmail exchange – Chicago police clear webmail

There are no other legal means of accessing the information on criminal cases such as; theft, Murder, Violation of human rights, falsehood and deception for the purpose of taking another’s advantage, and other criminal offenses other than through the Chicago Police Webmail portal.

The web portal was primarily designed to help police officers, employees, and Chicago Police department (CPD) management to access every record and information relating to their day-to-day activities in the department online. However, to be able to access the portal, you will need your Chicago Police Webmail Login credentials keyed in at

Chicago Police Webmail

CPD Employees Servicers – Chicago Police Department Online Services – 

On your visit to the Chicago police department online web page, you will access paperless services such as;

  • Adult Arrest Search
  • Bicycle Registration
  • City Service Requests
  • CLEARmap Application
  • Compliment an Officer
  • CPD Employee Services
  • File a Complaint
  • Gun Offender Database Search
  • Online Crime Reporting
  • Prostitution Arrest Search
  • Sex Offender Database Search
  • Subpoena Request Center
  • TipSubmit
  • Traffic Crash Reports
  • Vehicle Tow / Steal Search

Web mail login – Clearpath Chicago police web mail

The webmail portal is accessible only to users and people who have the authorized permission from the Chicago Police department (CPD), also, the portal features an update of both current and formal or past information of activities of the department listed in the category which makes for easy navigation on the website when you visit

Department clear path web mail –

That said, the web portal (Chicago Police Webmail) page is designed in a way such that you can easily find whatever information you are looking for on the landing page or home page of the site, therefor easy navigation is the category we mentioned above but more so is the search toolbox which you would you use for faster search of any information you would want to have access to.

City of Chicago police webmail – Chicago police webmail sign in

Amazingly, the login process to the webmail system of the Chicago Police Department is extremely easy and simple and can be accessed from any device such as a computer, desktop or laptop, mobile phones; smartphones like Android and iOS; iPhone and iPad and you will need to have a web browser installed on the device.

Accessing the site is without an internet connection, you must be either connected through a network provider or a Wi-Fi network. In all, to sign in to the webmail portal of Chicago Police, you will need a username and a password, if readily available follow the below instructions to sign in;

 Department Webmail Login – CPD –  webmail outlook –  webmail 365

  1. Open your device web browser
  2. Visit the web address at
  3. The above URL is the official website of the Chicago Police Department (CPD)
  4. Navigate to Chicago police tab
  5. On the Online services, click on the dropdown menu with “CPD Employee Services”
  6. Navigate and click on the “CPD Webmail”
  7. You will be redirected to
  8. On the login page key in your username
  9. Enter your password
  10. Click on the sign-in button

CPD Employees Services –  Department Online Tools – Chicago

A tool is equipment that makes work easy, on your visit to the CPD website, you would have access to the following tools;

  • Compliment an Officer
  • File a Complaint
  • Crime Statistics
  • Department Directives System (DDS)
  • Online Crime Reporting
  • eLearning

CPD Information Landing page

More so, you will be able to gain lots of information about the following on the Chicago police website;

  • Police Department Hotlines
  • Expanded Anti-Violence Initiative
  • Find My District
  • Gun Offender Rules and Regulations
  • Information Regarding the Return of Properties Inventoried by CPD
  • Purchase Traffic Crash Reports
  • Statistical Reports
  • Subpoena Request Guidelines
  • Privacy Policy

 Website Categories

Site categories make for easy navigation, when you visit the CPD at you will be able to access categories like;

  • Home
  • About
  • Community
  • Inside CPD
  • News
  • Reform
  • Services
  • Statistics & Data
  • Join CPD

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