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Twitter Analytics on App: View Twitter Analytics on Mobile App

There is nothing like taking a glance at how your tweets perform on the go while attending to other activities of the day. With Twitter on mobile App, you will get to view audience analytics at a spot or have access to your twitter dashboard and monitor your tweet’s information to see how well it’s performing over time.

Twitter Analytics on App

If you have accessed the twitter analytics dashboard with your browser before you would have discovered that it takes you to visit the analytics URL to have a glance at the performance of your tweets. But with the Twitter Analytics on App, you can keep track of your impressions, likes, followers, and other data at each point in time as you will receive a push notification of your tweets activities and performance so long your data is turned on.

Twitter Analytics on Mobile App

Truth be told, with the Twitter Analytics on App you save your safe a lot of stress, while because you can actually reply to your audience response, questions immediately they react to your tweets. That’s a lot more professional you know. Especially in today’s economy where speed is the primary requirement for winning your client and retaining them. Just every data you can view on the twitter analytics dashboard with your browser when you visit is completely available on the Twitter analytics on App.

You can monitor your impressions, conversions, reach, likes, link clicks, clicks, and follows all with the App installed on your mobile device. The app currently is deployed on both Android and on iOS devices. Meaning that with an internet-enabled smartphone your Twitter analytics data is on your palms and you can view it anywhere and from any device, just what is required is an internet connection and your Twitter account login details (username and password).

Twitter Analytics on App: Get Monthly, weekly and daily Reports

The Twitter dashboard shows you an overview of your Twitter performance statistics with monthly, weekly, and daily averages for engagement rates, You can access your report at your fingertip with just a click away.

With the Twitter analytics on App, you will get a view of your impressions and overall engagements. You can even view engagements breakdown into favorites, click, replies, link clicks, follows, likes among others. You can even download your far back tweets. Up to 3,200 tweets and view its performance which can give you an insight into your audience type and what resonates with them and how to engage them with your next tweets.

Twitter Analytics on App: Check Twitter Analytics Data on your Mobile Phone

The good thing about your promoted content is that you can check how well it’s performing right from your mobile phone. To check your promoted tweets in your Twitter Ads campaign you will need to use the new Twitter Ads companion.

The Twitter ads companion allows you to monitor and edit your campaigns from your mobile phone. You can change your campaign start and end dates, pause or resume a campaign, and edit your budget and bid and a lot more thing you can do with the Ads companion right from your mobile device.

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