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PayPal Business Debit Card: Benefits | Apply & Activate your PayPal Business Debit Card

It’s possible to make pay your bills with your PayPal account, withdraw money, send money to friend & family, access your money using your U.S PayPal account and as well check and manage all your transaction and lot more things you could get done by linking a debit card called “PayPal Business Debit Card” to your PayPal account. But only available PayPal Business account holders or a PayPal Cash Plus account.

PayPal Business Debit Card

PayPal Business Debit Card: What you need to know

 PayPal Business Debit Card helps you purchase anything from your PayPal account using smart mobile devices and personal computers anywhere anytime (in-store & online), with no extra charge or fee. When you make purchases or buy anything with PayPal Business Card you get rewards and perks. You earn while shopping.

Benefits of the PayPal Business Debit Card

  • Covered by Zero liability policies (protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account)
  • No fee charge of any kind
  • Card replacement if lost or stolen
  • Earn 1% Cash Back on signature purchases when you sign up for the Cash Back program
  • Functions 24/7 with great customer care service

PayPal Business Debit Card Opening Requirement and Qualification: How to Apply

To apply for PayPal Business Card is very easy and simple, but then you need to come in handy with the required information and qualification below; You must own a legal Operated U.S business account, first and last name, valid social security code, resident address, your location must be confirmed, have an active PayPal account and your date of birth.

Follow the below procedure to apply for a PayPal card:

  • Visit
  • At the page top, tap tools.
  • Hit PayPal debit card
  • Key in the required listed information above.
  • Hit the agree with terms and conditions and click continue to process your application. (it takes 7-10 working days to get your card mailed to you. But that is only if your application is approved, if not apply again in 30 days)

PayPal Business Debit Card: How to Activate Your Card

When your card is mailed to you after 7-10 days you will need to activate it. The procedure is simple, easy, and quick. Here we go;

  • Visit
  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Hit on your profile.
  • On profile setting, tap “money”.
  • Hit the update button
  • Select the card you want to activate
  • Hit active now
  • Key in your card details
  • Click activate Debit Card.

Alternatively, you can activate your card by calling the customers to care toll-free line and follow their directives.

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