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Facebook Newsfeed: What is Newsfeed on Facebook and How to Access it

Facebook newsfeed is the first page you got to see when you are logged in to your Facebook account.

The newsfeed is like an updated interface where you see all the posts your friends and family have shared in the past minutes, hours, or one day.

It’s also, a place where you view the activities of all the groups you belong to on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook is a social networking platform used by millions of people daily, you could imagine showing you all the information these millions of people share on the platform. That’s practically impossible.

So what the newsfeed on Facebook does is to help filter every information down to only people you are connected to on the platform – that is your friends and family, groups and pages you have joined and few other occasions you get to see the post that your friends and family are tagged.

The filtering makes it easy to view information or post made by your friends and family without the need of going through their timeline one after the other to view information and memories shared on the platform.

In all of this, checking your newsfeed comes with owing an account with Facebook.

The beauty of it is that it cost nothing to own a sign up for an account on the platform. All you need is an internet-enabled device and a willingness to provide your real personal information.

Where is my Newsfeed on Facebook?

To start with your newsfeed is not hidden, it is the first page you will be taken to when you log into your account.

More so, the information you will view on your newsfeed is dependent on the friends, groups, and pages you are a member too.

So to access newsfeed on Facebook you will need to first sign in to your account.

After which you can see a recent post made by your friends on the homepage.

Thereafter, to access newsfeed from pages and groups you will need to check your notification. Follow the steps below to check your notification:

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your account.
  3. On the homepage, locate the notification bell icon at the top right of the page.
  4. Tap the icon and all your page, groups, and friends posts will display.

Newsfeed on Facebook, not Working: How to fix that

If you stop getting information from your Facebook friends, pages, and groups you belong.

It’s simply any of these problems; either you are not logged in to your account, your data connection is slow, or your friends haven’t posted anything at the moment.

This can still be the reason why your Newsfeed on Facebook is not updating and also why you can’t see your newsfeed.

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